The MotoringFile Magnetic Badges have a new name and a new home: And to celebrate we have a huge batch of new badges to debut today. Here’s the rundown:

R50/R53 Original Motorer Badge: For the owners of the soon to be classic R50 (Cooper) and R53s (Cooper S). Show your pride and let the world know that you were ahead of the curve on this whole “MINI thing”.

The MotoringFile Checkered Badges: These simple yet striking badges are available in black/silver, blue, green, red and white/silver (coming soon) to match just about any color combo.

6-Speed Badge: For all those drivers who consider a manual transmission a badge of honor, here’s your badge of honor.

100% to Scale: A new take on an always popular badge.

Move Right/Left: A new idea based on our very popular move left badge. These make it a little more obvious to the guy driving the SUV in front of you. And now our friends in right-hand drive countries can get in on the fun too.

Peace: The first is the classic peace symbol in black and silver. The second is the less classic but always cool peace hand symbol (in white, black and red).

For those who are new to the MotoringFile magnetic badge scene, the badges are magnetic and designed to be used with MINI’s official grille badge holder. They are made from high-quality materials that will not fade in the sun. You can get a single badge for $7.50 and a set of six for only $37 (bottom of each page). And for those who have no more room on their grilles we also offer high-quality decals of each badge priced at $4.50.


You can take a closer look at the badges by clicking on each and you can buy the badge (or badges) of your choice by clicking on the button to the left. The new badge additions are on pages 7 & 8 of the site.

You can get your official MINI grille badge holder (part #: 51 13 0 406 752) at any one of the MotoringFile sponsors below:

Knauz MINI (mention MF and get the official badge holder for only $20)
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