Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge

Once again the Los Angeles Auto Show will feature a design challenge with a California theme.

BMW Designworks USA, located just outside of Los Angeles, will be presenting an entry that has been dubbed “MINI BioMoke.” 

To be clear, this is not a concept vehicle, but rather sketches being presented to a panel for judging during the auto show.  That said, it is still interesting that MINI is resurecting the Moke name.

An update will be posted when more details about the MINI BioMoke become available.

You can see a large version of the board BMW will present here.

  • MrChips

    An AutoBlog entry with pics of the “MINI BioMoke” design sketches is available HERE.

  • Thanks for the AutoBlog link – That BioMoke is a wonderful design sketch – imagine driving in one of those 🙂

  • MrChips

    I can just imagine it. It’s sorta like a badass MINI-Inspired dune-buggy of the highest order. Really cool!

    I just wish someone had a high-res version of the design sketches available so that we could see all the details and read all the wording! I’m really interested in the ‘callout’ section of the second drawing.


  • tonyt

    I cant see where the design gets its link to the ‘Moke’….. its more of a dune buggy interpretation, nothing like the simplistic utilitarian moke design….

    bit confused by their interpretation…. but very nice looking design…

  • gokartride

    Almost reminds me of 2000’s Mini concept car.