2007 MINI USA Pricing and Options

We have the information many of you have been eagerly waiting for. The full rundown and pricing and options for the 2007 MINIs. Let’s get started…


R56 2007 Cooper: Base MSRP: $18,050 + $650 D&H = $18,700
R52 2007 Cooper Convertible: Base MSRP: $21,950 + $650 D&H = $22,600

R56 2007 Cooper S: Base MSRP: $21,200 + $650 D&H = $21,850
R52 2007 Cooper S Convertible: Base MSRP: $25,400 + $650 D&H = $26,050

The R56 Cooper

The Cooper’s base price of $17,450 before destination will increase $600.00. For the increase all Coopers will see the same standard equipment as the R50 and also include On Board Trip Computer, All Season Traction Control, and a Sport Mode Button. The Sport Button will increase throttle response, tighten up the steering, and (if you have an automatic transmission) it’ll add a sportier shifting program. You will also see a standard Getrag six speed manual transmission as well as a rear spoiler.

The R56 Cooper S

The R53 Cooper S’s $20,900 base price will increase only a mere $300.00 and will include everything the Cooper has and additionally standard fog lamps. Starting in March production both models will receive pre wiring for Sirius and HD radio.


The CVT for the Cooper is put out to pasture and replaced with an Aisin 6 speed traditional automatic. The cost for the automatic on the Cooper now is $1,350. The Cooper S has a revised 6 speed Getrag manual transmission and Aisin Automatic. The Cooper also comes standard with a new 6 speed Getrag.


The Cooper S no longer has stock “Sport” Suspension. Both models now have a stock “sporty” suspension but it is just known as the “stock” suspension. A “Sport” suspension will be available as an option on both models but not “Sport Suspension Plus.” We’re told one drive will be make you understand the change is purely for naming conventions and to expect all the performance expected in a MINI.

Exterior Color Choices

All colors for the hardtops will have a default roof color unlike the R50/R53 colors coming with a body color roof by default. Here are those combo’s;



You’ll need to specify a different combo if you want one. And as we reported last summer, silver roofs are indeed gone for the time being.

Interior Color and Seating Options

The Color-line color upholstery knee roll and door side armrest adds a new layer of customization to the interior as we’ve seen in various pictures of the R56. Gotham Grey is the standard color with both models. If you keep the standard Leatherette or optional N/C cloth seats the other color-line choices are an additional $200.00. Here’s the rundown for those that might have missed from previous stories:

  • Rooster Red
  • Pacific Blue
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Cream White
  • Dark Grey
  • If you option for either leather or Cloth/Leather seats you will automatically get a color-line at N/C which will be Dark Grey for all seats except Tuscan Beige which will receive Cream White as the default. You can change it at no additional cost. The new Cloth/Leather Seats are a perfect match for the Color-line which come in Rooster Red and Pacific Blue and will cost $1,000 for either choice. To make a small comparison to the R50/R53 the Cloth Leather Seats currently go for $800.00.

    The New Lounge Leather seats which are very similar the the current English Leather seats will be offered in Redwood Red (more like baseball Glove orange) and Black. Either choice will cost $1,900. Other Leathers will also be available such as Carbon Black “Punch” Leather (which has a perforated look) or Tuscan Beige “Gravity” Leather. Both will cost $1,400. Grey Leatherette and Checkered Black Cloth will be offered at no cost.

    Sport Seats are not required when ordering Gravity Tuscan Beige or Punch Carbon Black Leather even though Cooper S’s come standard with them. Additionally if you choose cloth you can change the color of your interior panels from Black to Grey by choosing the Gotham Grey interior at N/C.

    The New Dashboard will be of higher grade material than previously. Besides both the stock Cooper and Cooper S dash, several “Premium” dash options will be offered such as Piano Black and Premium Silver for $200.00 and Real Brushed Alloy and Real English Oak Wood for $300.00. Piano Black will be mandatory for Tuscan Beige and Redwood Leather Seats.

    MINI is charging an additional $200.00 for the color-line interior trim. Not a bad deal all things considered. However, don’t expect the new color-line interior options to be available before March Production.

    To match the dashboard and color-line there will be two premium steering wheels offered. Sport Leather and Sport Wood will both be equipped with Multi Function controls and will retail as a stand-alone option for $550.00.

    A factory Alarm will retail for $400.00. Power Folding Mirrors will be offered for $300.00 but cannot be combined with the Cold Weather Pkg. at this time.

    Sport Package

    The Sport Package will essentially be the same as on the current R50/R53 except for fog lamps on the Cooper S which are now standard. The Xenon lights offered in this package (and a la carte) are now of the “Bi-Xenon” variety. The S-Lite wheels will be replaced by the Crown Spoke wheels. The Cooper 16″ 5 spoke wheels will be replaced with the 16″ 5 star Blasters. Prices will stay the same at $1,400. DSC remains.

    The Web Spoke will still be offered as a $500.00 upgrade on the Cooper S Sport Package as with the R53. You can also now get bonnet stripes with the Cooper Sport Pkg. and All Season Tires will be available at no cost on either model equipped with the sport pkg.

    The Hyper Sport Package

    We’re still getting final details on the various packages but we can share with you one surprise that we hadn’t heard before. A new “Hyper Sport Package” will include the optional Sport Suspension and a new MINI Aero Kit for only $1,400. This means that the new Aero kit will be available as a factory installed item. You can also get the same factory installed Aero Kit as a standalone option for $1,300. It’s worth noting that the MINI Aero Kit will be different from the JCW Aero kit pictured previously on MF.

    Premium Package

    The Premium Package will essentially stay the same except the customer has a choice of which steering wheel they would like and the on board computer is deleted since it is now standard across both models. The price remains unchanged at $1400.

    Convenience Package

    MINI will offer a $1400 Convenience Package with the following:

    • Comfort Access option (allowing you to open the door and/or start the car without ever touching your key)
    • Integrated Bluetooth
    • Rain Sensor
    • Auto Dimming Mirrors
    • Armrest
    • Universal garage door opener

    Comfort Key Access will be offered for $500.00 and Integrated Bluetooth Universal Phone kits will be offered for $600.00 as stand-alone options.

    As we all know the new Navigation System will offer real time traffic info. It will also offer extended voice control and go for $2,100 as a stand alone option. The wonderful part about the system is that you don’t have to pay a subscription for the traffic info. It’s free for life. This will be available from March production.

    Limited Slip Differential

    Limited Slip will be available as a standalone option on the Cooper S at the US launch of the car. Expect the price to be similar to the current $500.


    MINI will offer a special Audio package that will combine HD Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio and the new HiFi Stereo for $1400. But the shocker is that MINI is throwing in a lifetime subscription for Sirius Radio with this package.

    Sirius Satellite radio will also be available as a stand-alone option (with a lifetime subscription) for $950.00. HD Radio will run $500.00. The HiFi Stereo (taking the place of the H/K) will be available as a stand alone option but we don’t have pricing yet.

    AUX Input will be standard across the board. A new iPod adapter will also be offered however look for an advanced connector to debut later for MINIs equipped with the navigation system.


    On the Cooper the 15″ 5 start Spooler’s will be standard and the 15″ Rotator Spoke Wheels will be offered as a no cost option. The 16″ 5 star Blaster’s will be a $600.00 upgrade.

    The Blaster’s will be standard on the Cooper S and you can choose the 16″ sidewinders or the 16″ Bridge Spoke Wheels at no additional cost. The optional 17″ wheels will consist of the Crown Spoke Wheels (look like S-Lite’s), Flame Spoke Wheels, or the Web Spoke Wheels. The Crown Spoke and the Flame spoke wheels will cost an additional $600.00. The Web Spoke stand alone cost is unconfirmed at this time.

    MINI and JCW will be releasing a number of new wheels over the next two years so if there’s nothing you like, just stay tuned.

    2007 R52 MINI Convertibles

    The convertibles will have Hyper Blue replaced with Lightning Blue in December. All other colors will remain until March where the Hot Orange will be replaced with Mellow Yellow on both models, Nightfire Red for the Cooper, and Laser Blue for the Cooper S.

    Interior Body Color will gain Pepper White, Lightning Blue, and Mellow Yellow in March also. Power folding mirrors will become available for $300.00 but will not be able to be combined with the Cold Weather Pkg. Last but not least the Cooper Convertible Sport Pkg. will be available with Bonnet Stripes.

    The AUX Input will be standard on all convertibles (as it is on the R56 coupe).

    That’s all we have for now. We’ll be getting more details over the next few weeks and months. And as we’ve reported, this should all get a little more clear once the new MINI USA configurator debuts in December.

    Official US Launch

    MINI USA will be launching the R56 nationwide Presidents Day weekend. Expect MINI dealers from coast to coast to have roll-out events planned and demos available for test drives. With that said some dealers in the eastern part of the US should see the R56 a week or two earlier.

    Order Sheet Download

    For those that would like this spelled out in an easy to print PDF, we’ve got what your looking for. MINI USA’s official pricing sheet (for both options and packages) can be downloaded below:

    [ MINI USA 2007 Prices & Package ] MINI USA (PDF)

    MF Analysis:

    We’ve been holding off on letting 2007 pricing slip for awhile now waiting to see if the BMW brass in Munich would alter anything at the last moment. We were warned that things might change (thanks to those wonderful exchange rates) but it looks like MINI USA has held the line and kept the increases on par (and even lower) than some previous years. Considering what MINI offers in both standard equippment and ultimate performance, these prices are still quite impressive. Especially with the much improved interior quality and more efficient and high-tech engine offered on the R56.


    [ R56 JCW Accessories Launch Information ] MotoringFile

    [ 2007 US Market Packages Revealed ] MotoringFile

    Written By: Gabe

    • Stuart

      The Lounge Leather seats look soooo choice. I can smell them from here.

    • Mark Smith

      No Chrono Pack anymore.

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    • mike

      Does this mean there is no standard radio/cd and to have one you must by an upgrade? Why is there a chrono pack for convertables and not the standard s? sad in california

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    • Jeff


      In the US, there is a package called “Hyper Sport” that comes with the Aero Kit and Sport Suspension (plus?).

      Some have heard this Aero Kit is the same as the JCW kit. OThers have heard it’s a new, seperate one (as yet unseen). Does anyone here (Gabe?) have more information on it, or maybe a friendly neighborhood dealer they can ask?

      Hyper-Sport (ZHS) $1,400 (3/1/07): Aero kit, Sport suspension plus

      ala Carte: Aerodynamic Kit (3/1/07) $1300/ZHS

      The other question, of course, is, if the S already has the upgraded “Sports Suspension”, why spend the addtional $100 on the package when all you’re going to get is the Aero Kit?

      My understanding was there was the “regular” suspension and the “sports” suspension on the S, and that there was no “Sports Plus.” Accurate?

      On the U.S. “2007 Ordering Guide Distribution” PDF, in the packages list, the Hyper Sport package lists parts 7AR as the Aero Kit and 226 as “sport suspension plus”. However, if one goes to the ala carte parts list, the Aero Kit retains its name and number, and part 226 is simply called “sports suspension.”

      Any light anyone can shed on this would be appreciated.

      Thanks, JMelrose

      Sorry for multiple posts of this. I’m not sure which comments are being read anymore…

    • http://www.motoringfile.com/ Gabe

      Some have heard this Aero Kit is the same as the JCW kit. OThers have heard it’s a new, seperate one (as yet unseen). Does anyone here (Gabe?) have more information on it, or maybe a friendly neighborhood dealer they can ask?

      It is different – as mentioned above in the story.

      My understanding was there was the “regular” suspension and the “sports” suspension on the S, and that there was no “Sports Plus.” Accurate?

      Yes – There was a typo on the official options sheet.

    • Chad

      I’ve tried to find the answer, and I know that the 07 Mini’s hardtops with be the new model, any ideas when Mini will be coming out with the new model in a convertable version, cause I’m assuming its the same body style as the current version? I’m hoping it isn’t along the same lines as when it came over here in 01 thats its lagged 4 years behind cause that would mean not till 2011 which, I guess I’d just get the R56 until then.

    • http://www.motoringfile.com/ Gabe

      I’ve tried to find the answer, and I know that the 07 Mini’s hardtops with be the new model, any ideas when Mini will be coming out with the new model in a convertable version, cause I’m assuming its the same body style as the current version?

      Top right of the page: Next Generation MINI production Timeline

    • Ed.

      I have an ’07 S ordered, and was told by the dealer that heated mirrors and washer jets must be standard on the S since they are listed on their order with “No charge” next to them. Would this be washer jets on the mirrors or headlights?

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