2006 MotoringFile Gift Guide (Reminder)

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Since we’re getting down to the wire in terms of gift giving, we thought it may be appropriate to re-post this year’s MotoringFile Gift Guide. But we’re not going to simply give you a re-run of what has already been released. Instead we’ve added a few new ideas in several of the sections – be sure to check them out!

You can browse each section by clicking the links above. And you’ll find the same top navigation in each of the sections. And for a larger view of each gift idea, just click the image and stand back.

Happy Holidays from all of us at MotoringFile.

  • Something wierd in the HTML? When I scroll to the bottom of the page in MSIE6, where I can see any part of that big black box, then moving the mouse over any link paints loads of the screen black!?

  • Nothing has changed so there shouldn’t be any issues. I’ve also looked on a PC with IE6 and it appears fine.

  • MSIE6

    Well there’s your problem! (in my best Mythbusters voice)

  • marcel

    thanks for the friendly reminder to order the JCW steering wheel 🙂