MINI One & MINI Cooper D Now Official

From MINI Press: Brand new MINI range boosted by introduction of the frugal, but fun MINI One and first ever MINI Cooper D

The new MINI hatch line-up will soon be complete, when the new MINI One and MINI Cooper D models are unveiled to the public at the International Geneva Motor Show on 8 March 2007. The entry-level One features a perky 95hp 1.4-litre petrol engine, while the Cooper D boasts performance and fuel efficiency from an all-new 1.6-litre 110hp turbodiesel powerplant.

A Cooper-badged MINI diesel hints at the sporty nature of the new model. MINI fans will be equally excited at the prospect of the Cooper D promising to be the most fuel-efficient and cleanest MINI ever built. In comparison to the outgoing MINI One D’s combined fuel consumption of 58.9mpg, the Cooper D is capable of 64.2mpg. A CO2 figure of just 118 g/km puts the car in tax band B.

MINI One also benefits from a significant improvement in both fuel consumption and emissions over the outgoing model. 49.6mpg is achievable from the One’s new 1.4-litre unit, compared to 41.5mpg from its predecessor. CO2 emissions are now 138g/km, against 164g/km produced by the previous model.

Power: 95
Torque Nm: 140
Zero — 62mph: 10.9
Top speed Mph: 115
Combined mpg: 49.6
Emissions: 138g/km

MINI Cooper D
Power: 110
Torque Nm: 240(1)
Zero to 62mph: 9.9
Top speed Mph: 121
Combined mpg:64.2
Emissions: 118g/km(2)

(1) 260 with Overboost (2) VED Tax rating Band B = £50 per annum

The MINI One will cost £11,595 on the road, and the MINI Cooper D will be £14,190. Both models will be on sale from April 2007.

Both models feature the new body shape already seen on the recently launched MINI Cooper and Cooper S models. Interior quality enhancements and unique design features remain key characteristics of the One and Cooper D. However, several individual highlights set the cars apart.

MINI One: Technology highlights

The 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine in the MINI One is derived from the 1.6-litre unit that features in the current Cooper model. Smooth power delivery and maximum efficiency are achieved using fully variable valve control, through a system based on BMW Group’s unique VALVETRONIC technology.

Maximum output of 95hp at 6,000rpm is produced by the compact engine, which is constructed from lightweight aluminium. The 5hp power increase on its predecessor leads to a peak torque figure of 140Nm at 4,000rpm.

The innovative powertrain is key to the MINI One’s ability to ensure a grin-inducing driving experience, yet offers the driver outstanding fuel economy and low emissions. A 0-62mph time of 10.9 seconds and top speed of 115mph are complemented by an average fuel consumption figure of 49.6mpg — an efficiency increase of 15 per cent compared to the outgoing model.

MINI Cooper D: Technology highlights

The MINI Cooper D’s brand new turbocharged diesel engine develops 110hp at 4,000rpm. Under normal conditions peak torque of 240Nm is achieved between 1,750 and 2,000rpm. Deploying the engine’s Overboost function gives the Cooper D an additional 20Nm of torque, meaning the driver will experience 260Nm at 2,000rpm. MINI enthusiasts will recognise this torque figure is identical to that produced by the new MINI Cooper S.

The turbocharger system features variable turbine geometry, ensuring optimum smoothness, efficiency and response even at low engine speeds.

Second-generation common rail diesel technology operating at a maximum pressure of 1,600 bar is key to the new diesel engine’s combustion process. Additionally, refinement is achieved using a precise multiple-injection process for each operating cycle. The combustion chambers have been optimised in their shape and dimensions to prevent unwanted turbulence and maintain a smooth and consistent combustion process at all times.

A diesel particulate filter almost eliminates diesel exhaust emissions and helps to make the MINI diesel engine one of the most environmentally friendly engines in its class.

Six-speed gearbox as standard

The new MINI One and new MINI Cooper D both come as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox. Dynamic acceleration is a result of the precise shift control provided by carbon friction plates and helical gears operating within an optimised syncromesh. With its long transmission ratio, the sixth gear allows optimum fuel economy, even at high speeds.

The MINI One will be available to customers with the option of a six-speed automatic transmission. A key feature is the Steptronic function, which allows the driver to shift gears in sequence using the gear lever or the standard-fit paddles on the steering wheel. For keener drivers, a Sports Button is available as an option for even shorter gearshift times and faster throttle response.

Design highlights

Features including a black finish to the car’s radiator grille bars, door mirrors and tailgate handle are exclusive to the MINI One. The new MINI Cooper D’s sporting prowess is underlined by the addition of a pronounced power dome on the car’s bonnet. A discernibly larger air intake than on other MINI models features on the Cooper D, as does a crossbar in body colour on the lower intake.

Chassis and suspension

The go-kart driving experience is enhanced in the new MINI One and Cooper D through a new suspension set-up, as introduced on the MINI Cooper and Cooper S. MINI is the only car in its segment to be fitted with a central-arm rear axle featuring elaborate kinematics for optimum tyre-to-road contact.

Electrical Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) incorporating modern mechanical control gives the driver increased precision feedback. Variable power assistance dependent on speed ensures MINI drivers are guaranteed an involving drive every time they step into the car.

The new MINI Cooper and Cooper S went on sale in the UK on 18 November 2006. By the end of the year, close to 7,000 orders were taken for the new models. With sales looking strong into the New Year and the launch of the new MINI Convertible Sidewalk taking place in the spring, MINI is set for another great year at home on British roads.

  • Matt

    i would so rock a One D if offered stateside.

  • prkali

    I agree with you Matt, 110%!!!!!

  • S Curvz

    I want a Cooper D. MINI please?

  • tonyt

    So thats around 700 miles per tank of fuel right….

    700 miles for around 75 bucks…..

    Come on America, time to import diesel cars….

  • heyduard

    MINIUSA is wasting a great opportunity to bring the Cooper D to the states. It’s even got a particulate filter. What else does CARB want? A scrubber on the tailpipe?

    Can you tell I want a Cooper D? 😀

  • As I understand it, the holdup is that diesel fuel in the US is not the same as in Europe – these cars wont run well on US fuel. Once that changes, you’ll see alot more european makes bringing their diesels to the USA

  • dr

    Gabe, IF these were offered in the US any idea what the sticker would be? since I know the US MSRP’s are not straight currency conversions.

  • Tom

    700 Miles of non-stop motoring? Pretty please, MINIUSA, can I have a MINI Cooper D?

  • Z4MINI

    I think this has been covered 100 times. The problem with diesel in the US is not particulates, not fuel, it’s NOx whichi is a by product of the high temperatures of the diesel combustion cycle. It’s a primary ingredient in smog and acid rain and can’t be caught by conventional catalytic converters or particle traps.

    M-B and other euro manufactures are getting rid of it by useing urea injection into the exhaust, but the D does not appear to be so equipped.

  • I want I want I want I want – A MINI Diesel. Give us what we want in the States!! We’re your biggest market!!

  • lavardera

    I think the last photo is mislabeled as a Mini One. The D seems to have a unique front end treatment with the bar grill at the top, and the mesh below the bumper. The last picture appears to be the D.

  • Dave S.

    It’s about time BMW gets the message and brings the new MINI Cooper diesel into the North American market! 700 miles of nonstop motoring and 110HP of turbo charged diesel sounds great…they would really open up a new niche market for MINI in the States.

  • Jim

    I wonder, how does VW create a diesel engine that can meet U.S. specs? If one builder’s design team can do it, surely the MINI group can too. What is different between the VW turbo-diesel and the MINI D?

    Z4MINI, can you tackle that (for the 100th time again?)

  • the NAV unit looks so good.

  • Mark Smith

    The big TEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian

    I also vouch for a MINI D in Miami.

  • Brian

    With a max of 260Nm of torque at 2000rpm, the 0-60 time must be close to the MCS. Any numbers?

  • GZ

    “perky 95 hp” Mini One. is there a 47.5 hp Mini .5 in the works?

  • Brian

    / edit / Ok, just saw the 0-62 info…

  • DB

    An MC -D in the states sure would be sweet. Especially with those MPG numbers. If that ever comes to the US mine will be the name at the top of the list!

  • Glen

    I thought that (as of Sept. 2006) the U.S. now has the same low-sulphur diesel fuel long found in Europe. This is due to a federal law enacted several years ago.

    Let’s get the Mini Cooper D here in the ‘States! I want one too.

  • bluzeke

    …heh …heh, …heh …heh. He said “urea injection”.

  • eto

    Cooper D! Cooper D! Give us the Cooper D!!!!!

  • BobbyS

    My wife currently has a 2003 Golf TDI. Awesome car and lots of fun on a tank. I know she would drop that for a Clubman D in a heartbeat. Imagine the interior/exterior and engine mods with that combo….

  • Mark Smith

    Hey all anyone ever think of petitioning MINI USA? That’s what these nuts did to GM to get them thinking and ultimately releasing a modern Camaro. I would sign it. What are your thoughts? I see everyone here commenting that they would like one if it were available. It’s one thing to research a business case but another for that business case to show up in person rearing it’s ugly face in the form of signatures.

  • Z4MINI
    I wonder, how does VW create a diesel engine that can meet U.S. specs? If one builder’s design team can do it, surely the MINI group can too. What is different between the VW turbo-diesel and the MINI D? Z4MINI, can you tackle that (for the 100th time again?) I do not think VW sells diesels in all 50 states so large markets like CA, NY, MA, etc. are left out. It may be economical for them to do so with a broad product line, but probably not for a niche player like MINI.
  • Adam

    I’d just like to pile on and say I’d love my third MINI to be a D.

  • Pretzel Logic

    Add my name to the MINI Cooper D fanclub/petition. I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

    FYI, the 2008 VW Jetta TDI will be 50-state compliant, and Honda is developing a urea-free clean-diesel technology. I’d drop in the appropriate hyperlinks here if I were halfway tech-savvy. There are numerous articles to be found on the subject.

  • mini-number1

    Best Idea for mini is to bring that D over here. There would be so many buyers. I being one even though I have a 2007 MC BRG/W on order. Bo MINI D!!! Comeon MINIUSA lisen We want that MINI D!!!!!

  • eto

    I really think I would change my order in 2008 from a Cooper S to a Cooper D. I would miss that exhaust note, though. 🙁

  • pdxmini

    Cooper D would be a hit on many levels. In a lot of the big cities there are car share programs sponsered by the city and on the private level and I’ll tell you with an incredible efficiency like has been quoted and with mini appeal they would be a popular option. I have a cooper waiting for the boat right now and would have taken a D instead without even thinking about it if I were given the option. I heard this model was going to be offered in Canada in 08.

  • LL

    I’ve long wanted a diesel car — I would’ve gotten the VW Golf diesel had it not been MINI’s appearence (well, CA’s strict no diesel policy didn’t help either). I’ve e-mailed MINI before last year — asking them if they have any plans to bring MCD to U.S., since the ultra-low sulfer diesel is supposed to be mandated since september. But they responded no. 🙁

    Hopefully if enough people bug them about it, they’d change their mind…

    Though I would imagine it to be difficult for them to bring MCD stateside — especially with ever tighter emission standards in CA and a few other states that seem to always set the bar just a bit higher than what new generation of diesel technology is capable of.

  • Thameth

    I would also pick up a MINI D as soon as I’m done paying off my 05′ Cooper S and regulate it to track and weekend duty.

    Where is the petition, I’m ready to sign? Maybe an E-Mail Campaign??? If we can get a few thousand e-mails suddenly flooding MINI USA I think they would start listening up. They have done that in the past when the community has bugged them about options.

  • WTF is a power dome?

  • Bud

    I absolutely agree with the majority consensus. Bring us the MINI D! It would be enthusiastically adored by many of us and create a very special subcult within the larger MINI community similar to the several TDI clubs that have developed within the VW community of enthusiasts. Let cetane prevail and reign supreme over hybrid kilowatts!! This is the car I’ve been waiting for. E pluribus unum y’all!

  • It’s funny to see how sentiments are reversed across the pond. In Europe (Netherlands, in my case), there are many people that feel that a Diesel engine doesn’t belong in a sporty car like the Mini Cooper (even if that sentiment isn’t entirely rational any more, nowadays). I’m sure it will sell well, though, due to attractive lease rates for company cars.

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  • Mark H

    Eelke – I was just about to note the same thing! Diesel cars were considered seriously unsexy until about a year or so ago; since then VW and BMW to name the most prominent manufacturers have produced some seriously good diesels which have given their petrol sisters a scare!

    It is amazing to see the pro-diesel comments above when only a few years ago such a car would have been considered just plain bad! Diesel engines have come along was in refinement and performance it is just a pity that so has the price of diesel which used to be reasonable!


  • Wessy

    A MINI Cooper D is the car I’ve always wanted here in the States as well. Well, okay, not exactly — what I REALLY want is a MINI Cooper D CONVERTIBLE!

  • Ron Arnold

    Make mine a Clubman D and I’ll place the order, MINIUSA! I must see if I can dig up my old contact info so that we know who to “ask” via email. I really enjoyed by ’00 Beetle TDI, and if that great engine wasn’t surrounded by a VW body, I still might have it!

  • Spookyfish

    No automatic for the MINI Cooper D? Any Cooper SD or DS in the works?

  • GrFa

    I kept hoping that MINI would bring the One D over here since I got my first S back in 03. Now on my 06 S I would love to get into a Clubman D in 08.

  • No automatic for the MINI Cooper D? Any Cooper SD or DS in the works?

    I asked the same question, but it seems that the popular ONE D that has been a big seller in Europe will be the Base Oil Burner, and the Cooper D has the Turbodiesel. Maybe a Clubman D could have AWD and Turbodiesel, but I don’t see them trying for super whp on these. The Diesel appeal in Europe is that it’s cheaper (about $4/gallon in Italy when I lived there, vice $6/gallon for Petrol) and the great km/l or mpg that you can get. If MINIUSA and MINI HQ pull their heads out of there arses, maybe we will see an AWD Turbodiesel Clubman D. Imagine the low end torque! MINI could once again enter (and perhaps dominate?) the Rally World that has been controlled by Audi and Subaru for so many years.

  • Michael

    Sentiment has not changed much in the US in total number. Most people have no clue why Diesels are better, then again most Americans are morons and have it so easy they don’t have to think to prosper. That being said I wrote Mini sometime ago asking, begging them to import the Mini D. They simply said that the US car market is power hungry. I sometimes wonder how stupid the people are who run these companies. Is mini run by Americans? That being said, successful companies are often founded on unconventional thinking. Mini would rather compete against a thousand better petrol cars sold in the US trying to find a nitch in the enthusiast market. Instead of adding a car that is actually different then all the rest. It would not take much effort to release a MINI D in the US and it would likely be legal in 45 of our 50 states, but because it couldn’t be sold in our 5 largest states they just don’t want to bother.. How sad. Needless to say I wrote a second letter to them pointing out their flaws… To which I got no reply. I mean I don’t really care that much about the Mini cooper. I think it is a fine car, just that the Japanese have far superior vehicles that are more reliable and cost less. So no I wouldn’t ever buy a petrol mini cooper, but I would buy a Mini D tomorrow (seeing that I just banged up my car)… lol

  • Lin

    Why not use 99% biodiesel fuel in a Mini D? Great mileage, great fun, and environmentally correct! I’ll get one if it can use biodiesel!

  • Bud

    As far as I know thee are no impediments (including fuel) that preclude importation and sale of the MINI D into the USA.

    Diesel pumps are now dispensing ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) the requisite fuel to make compliance a near slam dunk.

    Oh please BMW bring us the MINI D. We need it and we will love it. Just look at how many of us have responded to this story. We are obviously a very enthusiastic group of MINI D enthusiasts waitng in the wings for our dream to materialize.

  • Bud

    Michael — I totally agree with your comments and it regrettably a sad reality that your meaningful input to BMWNA was ostensibly disregarded.

    The preclusive rationale driven by marketing fails to incorporate the inherent virtues of diesel. Nevertheless, I for one (and you for two) should continue to advocate.

    As I mentioned in my previous comment, fuel is no longer the issue. The pivital issue is general comsumer ignorance and/or complacency which fails to influence the marketing “wizards” who regulate model availability. I remain optimistic vis-a-vis Bush’s plug for alternative/diesel automobiles and Benz’s successful re-entry into domestic showrooms. There are ways to meet AQ standards without resorting to BLUTEC as you may know.

  • Amer

    hi…i want to ask u about the owner and the comined company with mini cooper…pls send me the names of the company,coz i was convused betwwen Bmw and austin martin company…so witing for reply and wish u all the sucess in ur company and market…

  • Markus

    I agree that MINI is missing out on tremendous sale potential by not offering an MC-D in the US. I know an MC-D would never sell in quantities comparable to the Jetta TDI, but that’s because all MINIs do not sell at the level of all Jetta’s. I think an MC-D would sell at least at the level of 15% of all MINI models in the US, if not more, but also, it would bring many additional buyers to MINI that currently don’t find an option in the MINI lineup.

    I had an 03 MCS which I sold when running out of warranty, and was at first planning on getting a newer MINI, until my environmental conscience caught up with me. I now drive an 05 Prius, a cool car with the gadget element, but still, it’s twice the mileage at half the fun (my lifetime average MPG in the MCS was 24, in the Prius it is 47.8). I would buy an MC-D in a flash, and I know many people that would do the same. Toyota sells more Prii than BMW sells MINI’s (in the US), and I think for most buyers the issue is really g CO2/mile. My MCS was the most fun car I ever owned or even drove, but I simply can’t justify that at the mileage the old MCS got. Even the new MC is not good enough, the MC and MCS just don’t cut it when it comes to that, but the MC-D does (this just to those to whom that matters).

    BMW, please?

  • Dan

    I’m looking at this Mini D that can wipe the floor with a Prius on MPG, with 10x the style, and I’m wondering how we can motivate BMW corporate to bring this mature solution across the pond. As I see it, the problem isn’t political or technical, but psychological. Everything that reminds us of the 70’s oil embargo is reviled: waiting at gas pumps, hatchbacks, and most of all, cars with diesel engines. We just don’t want reminders of feeling that powerless. But in our quest to avoid feeling this way, we are creating a whole new layer of powerlessness.

    So somebody has to step up the plate and I think Mini is the perfect ice breaking ambassador to do it. Top Gear did a wonderful job of debunking how much better diesels are than gas hybrids, how singularly designed hybrids are for the distorted US market. (Let me know and I’ll get you the episode) but as a European show, it fell mainly on European ears. And yes, our diesel fuel is decades behind Europe’s, but its about to improve significantly and we have to start somewhere.

    People are waiting in line for 30 year old cars able to run on diesel fuel, they’re ready to make a down payment on a new one. So how do we get Mini US to take the risk?

  • I’m not so sure how much the Mini one D would wipe the floor with the prius. Yes it’d get better mileage, but with the Prius starting at $22,175, and according to this article (and current exchange rates) the new Mini One D would start at £14,190 or 28,008 U.S. dollars. That’s just under 6K more than the Prius.

    …that said, I’d still take the Mini One D over the Prius…that is, IF it were available stateside. :-\

  • You can really do a straight pounds to dollar conversion when looking at these costs. If you did, the Cooper S would start at 30k in the US.

  • John C Barriskill

    Eventually the price of gas will reach and sustain between $3.00 and $5.00 U.S. dollars due to our insatiable lust for gas and the oil companpies lust for dollars. MINI USA & Corporate BMW should not take this opportunity lightly and introduce the One and especially the “D” stateside. At the very least to test market the D in the remaining 45 eligible states. I own a ’05 MCS and cherish it but I would ADORE and I think many car buyers would purchase a “D” stateside. Remember the many in the BMW and Rover camps at the time that felt the new MINI would not sell well in the U.S. markets. How mistaken they were… please sell the “D” stateside. I would certainly buy one and recommend it to a few of my Pruis driving friends, I know my Dad would buy one if the Diesel came in automatic… He is English and always say the US needs to go more Deisel like Europe, Japan and many other places on earth. Please bring the “D” here MINIUSA/BMW P L E A S E!!!!!

  • Ron

    Add my list to the MINI D bandwagon…just think of the bio-diesel potential…MINI’s and bio-diesel are made for each other…cool and green all rolled into one!

  • Mike

    I really want this to come to the US too. If anyone finds out more about how we can persuade them to bring it to US market, let me know.

  • vordo

    this isn”t even funny. my 03 MCS (works) has 48.5k miles on it and I am just about to trade it in for an 07 MCS but my conscience is telling me to buy a golf TDI. I live in LA and I need to drive a lot, and there us a huge difference between 300 miles on premium gas and 500 miles on diesel. I don’t really want a prius (never did like driving them) and the 07 MCS is good fun. I pretty much vowed not to buy another straight gasoline engine car and yet I have to decide almost right now.

    I told my dealer (shep at alexander mini) that I would buy a D on the spot and he told me that he’s been told that more than once. besides being ‘green’ is part of the ethos and marketing of the cooper, that is it is the same demographic that is interested in those issues. marketing wise it is a no brainer.

    gabe, or someone could you post an email address for someone at bmw/mini corporate and start a campaign in ernest.

  • vordo

    BTW just found this petition online:

  • Matt N.

    I’ve started the search for a high mpg car like the gas Mini, VW jetta d, or a hybrid of some nature. I would trade my lexus rx300 on a mini D the moment it arrived at the dealer. For a luxury AWD suv the RX is not the worst at 22mpg but, ooohweee, 60mpg… Please save me 38 miles to the gallon!!!! Come on, the USA has joined the rest of the world with high gas prices (we actually have to act responsibly now). Please, MINI, help us!

  • DanD

    Thank you for contacting MINI Customer Information.

    We can confirm that we have a new MINI Cooper D readily available in the UK. This vehicle has only very recently been released in the UK. We are unable to comment as to whether MINI USA will adopt the new MINI Cooper D into the US market. We would recommend contacting MINI USA to ascertain whether this vehicle will be introduced into the US market. Please find listed below the contact details of MINI USA.

    MINI USA 300 Chestnut Ridge Road Woodcliff Lake New Jersey 07677-7731 PO Box 1227 Westwood NJ 07675-1227 +1 201 307 4000

    If we can be of further assistance please feel free to contact a member of the Customer Information Department, using one of the methods shown below.

    Yours sincerely

    MINI UK Richard Stracey Product Information Advisor Ellesfield Avenue Bracknell RG12 8TA

    Tel: 0800 083 6464 Fax: 0870 5050 206 Email: Website:

  • DanD

    Thanks for writing MINI. I appreciate that you want to motor with lower costs and fewer emissions!

    I am sorry to say MINI Division currently has no plans to bring a diesel version of the MINI to the United States. However, we are looking into many new ideas for the future of MINI. Please stay in

    If there are further questions I can assist with, please feel free to drop me an e-mail. I am happy to lend a hand.


    Karie Adams MINI Customer Relations and Services Representative 866.ASK.MINI (275-6464)

  • MikeD

    Just signed the petition – I would trade in my Cooper for a Cooper D TOMORROW if it were available. MINIUSA, wake up!

  • Francis

    I bought the Mini Cooper D in April (Europe Belgium). The car is just fantastic! I have a full version with big wheels and double sunroof…, but still doing only 5,5l/100km. And a lot of fun, every km. US, go for it!

  • james

    While I would jump on the Mini Cooper D please keep in mind that any US MCD will not get 64.2 MPG as the article states. That is 64.2 MP IMPERIAL gallon. The US gallon is about 83% of the imperial gallon so expect no greater than 53.4MP US Gallon. Also I am not sure if the MPG testing in Europe is similar to the US, but my guess is it also is not a very good evaluation of real world MPG. Maybe 45-50 would be realistic. That being said.. Sign me up.

  • Ellie

    Just reposting what vordo posted in 5/07 — if you haven’t already signed, DO!

    BTW just found this petition online:

  • Rolf Grumme

    Having bought a 2004 Cooper on a back seat test drive and waiting six months to take delivery. ( I went to Mini of Mountain View,CA solely to see about a Cooper for my mother) you can honestly say that I love these cars. Regrettably I sold the car to help out with the purchase of a house. I now want to buy another Cooper, Preferably a MINI D. I wonder with BMW saying that their line will have diesel sometime in 2008. Nissan by 2011,Honda in 2009, Mitsubishi in 2010, and Subaru, Mercedes and even GM adding diesel to their lines as well. Can we expect the Mini to come into the U.S.A. including California with the rest of the BMW line? Thanks. Rolf Grumme.

  • Brent B

    Would by this Mini D in a heartbeat. Its the car I’ve been waiting for in NYC for years! Thinking about shipping one from Europe if possible!

  • Than

    Would it be practical to import a Cooper D? If so could the difference in diesel standards be overcome?

  • Kerry

    I need a Mini Cooper D. What’s the hold up?!?!?

  • david

    aw man i have to get one of these bad boyz.light grey paint with dark black stipes…o boy

  • alina

    dios mio que bello que es.!!!mi sueño es un mini.