MF Deals: Patrick MINI’s $1000 Off Special

Like most out there MotoringFile has made a couple New Years Resolutions this year. One of them is to get back to posting about great exclusive deals from out sponsors. So to make up for the fact that we haven’t had a MF Deal post in awhile and to start the new year off right, we’re letting you in on one of the biggest deals we’ve ever seen.

Patrick MINI is currently running the un-heard of special of $1000 off all on new MINIs currently in stock. Yeah, that’s new MINIs at a $1000 discount – pretty much un heard of outside of special one-time deals. Perfect for someone wanting to get one of the last classic R50 or R53 MINI coupes! However you’ll want to act fast as the special ends on January 31st.

You can check out Patrick’s full inventory below or call them at (847) 303-MINI.

[ New MINI Inventory ] Patrick MINI
  • Timothy

    Kudos to Patrick MINI. I’ve bought two MINIs there, and they’re good people with good service.

  • AlwaysOpenCharlie05

    That’s INSANE!! I want one…

  • banned

    Okay, shipping to seattle…okay looks like it is a deal, as if I got it local! sweet

  • msh441

    I like how 95% of the pics state “actual photo”… from the configurator, maybe!

    I can’t help but think with the pending release of the R56, this is but the first dealor to start blowing out new-old-stock.

    Don’t get me wrong. Still a good deal.

  • robble

    msh441 – the problem with the “actual photo” tag is a problem with the website authoring program MINI uses. Check all the US mini dealer websites and you’ll notice the same thing. There is nothing the people creating the local website can do about it (other than manually load an actual photo which is a MAJOR pita.)

    I like how they said sale ends Jan 31st. I bet it continues until r56 launch day – then it’ll be $1000 off all remaining 06 models. Many dealers have been offering discounts lately of ~$500. Too many people are holding out for the revised 07 model.

    Current owners shouldn’t be too happy about the discounts. MINI’s stellar resale value just took a hit.

  • Mark Smith

    We post all of our pictures on our website with no problems. The “Actual Photo” thing we find really makes people just yawn and maybe go onto someone elses site. This is too bad the way they are doing this though. Very “old school” lie when I used to selll Chrysler’s years ago.

  • Will S.

    i am mini shopping. Will my local dealer honor this deal? He has a Cooper S with 2 option packages i don’t really need/afford, but with $1000 off it could be more withing my price range.

  • Will – you’d probably be better off giving Patrick a call. They ship anywhere in the US.