Tucked away at the end of this week’s Auto Motor und Sport article on the 2008 Clubman is this little nugget (translated from German):

>However an all-wheel drive system will be available in 2008 for all models.

From a non-German speaking frame of mind, it’s not entirely clear if the author is referring to all models of the Clubman or all models of the MINI. My first thought was that he was referring to the MINI. And it would make sense that, if the technology was available to the R56 based Clubman, it would be available for the rest of the R56 range. However we have our doubts that MINI has any plans for AWD in anything but the R58.

Until we hear more, make sure to file this one in the rumor category. You can read the article (again in German) and see a few photos of the recently spotted Clubman prototype below:

[ Erwischt: Mini Traveller ] Auto Motor und Sport