There has been some problems with the early R56 orders that were supposed to have Multi-Function Steering Wheel in December and January.

When ordering the MFSW on an R50/R53, the Motoring Advisor only had to select 1 item from the order sheet. For the R56, 2 items needed to be selected. The first for the steering wheel, the 2nd for the multi-function.

The confusion has caused quite a few MINIs so far to be ordered without multi-function. For those cars that are affected, they will only have the leather sports wheel installed. There is not an option at this time to retrofit those cars without MFSW due to changes in the wiring harness for the stereo, Bluetooth and cruise control.

Last week MINI issued a bulletin to all dealers to make them aware of the problem. If you think you might be affected, you should contact your Sales Advisor right away. The only option to correct the lack of MFSW at this time is to completely rebuild your MINI.

Update: According to Gabe (who spoke to MINI executives about the issue this past weekend) MINI USA is working on a fix for the MFSW ordering snafu that affected around 40 orders. However, at this time they can’t confirm what that will be as they’re still working out some logistics in the process.

However MINI USA employees let it be known that they are very aware of the issue and they will do everything they can to create a solution to the issue. Look for more information over the next week or so.