MINI’s NightFire Red in Person

Along with Oxygen Blue, information on Nightfire Red has been very hard to come by. The only image we know to exist of the color was of the paint chip photo we posted last summer. It looks like that’s about to change as production has started on this exclusive Cooper color. We took this yesterday at the Chicago Auto Show press day:

  • prkali

    Now that is a true “FIREBALLED” MINI!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

  • MINI Fireman

    Viery nice. Sucks it won’t come on the MCS.

  • I hope a color like this will become available for the MCS and the Clubman at somepoint (maybe not this exact color, but a metallic red would be nice)

  • gokartride

    I saw newly-arrived paint samples of all the R56 colors yesterday at my dealer, including Nightfire Red and Oxygen Blue.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Sweet looking color. Does it really have orange undertones in real life, or is it just the photo?

  • I think I have a new favorite.

  • dark06mcs

    if it really is a metallic red with orange undertones, please please please make it optional for the awd clubman.

  • TulsaMINI

    ooooh…pretty. I look forward to seeing it IRL.

  • Ted

    Imagine….You can feel the heat. Very different tone of red-orange. You can imagine the energy flowing. MINI is hitting HR’s with their unique color selections. Looking forward to seeing this in person. (Hyperblue, Liquid Yellow, Nightfire Red) (British Racing Green, Pepper White) MINI have their own very personnalized branded colors. Keep up the good work MINI.

  • GrFa

    It looks metallic red with orange tones to me. Google image search nightfire red. It looks exactly the same as what came on the classic Mini based on those photos.

  • Chad

    Looks like I could save some money by buying an MC instead.

  • When I saw this colour a few months back it was not as orange as those photos make it look, for those that are asking 😉

  • FrankInMiami

    Watch this color being discontinued at the end of the 2007 model year. Ha!

  • Beecher

    it looks alot like solar red in those pics. I wonder if it is the same colour.

  • cct1

    No, I don’t think so. Solar red was a deeper red, this definitely has more of an orange tint to it. Can’t wait to see it this weekend!

  • Niiiiiiiiice.

  • robble

    I’ve seen the color chip in person. There is NO orange in it at all. It is a deeper darker red than solar red. Kinda like a metallic candy red. Almost a deep burgandy/red.

  • Roo

    I saw more pics from this same auto show (sorry, I forget where?!?) They also look quite orange, but this is also very different than the chip I saw at my dealer or on the configurator. It really must be a lighting trick.

  • Roo

    I re-stumbled across the other nightfire pics I found before. A couple of these seem to show the true color better.

  • Looks the same to me.

  • isis

    so is it deep red or not? is there orange or not? i need to know asap because if there is any orange in it at all i don’t want it…i wanted a burgandy canday apple red mettalic…please someone who was at teh chicago auto show tell me so i can change the color!!!

  • kami

    I test drove it, and it was a candy apple red color. It did not seem to have orange undertones at all!!!

    but it was definately a deep red.