We have something very special for you today; the premier* of the first two episodes of MINI USA’s Hammer & Coop series. For those that missed all the initial commotion, MINI USA and their agency BSSP have created a web only series (w/some limited theatre release) that features the new 2007 R56 MINI along with all the late 70’s early 80’s kitsch found in films like Starsky & Hutch.

But enough talking. Behold, episode 1 & 2 of Hammer & Coop:

Hammer & Coop Episode 1: The Clean Getaway

Hammer & Coop Episode 2: Dawn of Silverfox

It may be worth noting that, despite us playing it straight, most of you were able to sniff out some very clever MINI marketing a few weeks back for being just that. Kudos to all that did. As you might expect we had decided to not ruin the surprise and let things happen as planned by MINI. So … surprise!

H&C has been in the works at MINI and BSSP for well over a year now and the fruit of all that hard work will be seen over the next few weeks. Look for an episode every week for the next few weeks culminating in an exciting finale.

*It looks like the Owners Lounge jumped the gun a bit yesterday and posted the episodes a little earlier than intended. So in light of that, consider this the full web premier.