With the Clubman debut scheduled for later this year at Frankfurt (press photos should come even earlier) we’ve been getting new information almost weekly. Today we’re happy to confirm that the much loved silver roof will be back exclusively on the Clubman for 2008. And the roof won’t be the only part of the car that will come in an optional second color. We’ve learned that the rear of the car will feature trim that will come either body colored or the same color as the roof. The trim will run from the roof to the bumper on both sides of the car much like this rendering from AutoBilde from over a year ago.

This news has been confirmed by multiple sources in different location. In fact don’t be surprised if you start seeing production mules out and about with silver roofs.

In other R55 colors news, expect at least one exclusive interior color combination to be offered on the R55 along with the two exclusive exteriors choices mentioned above. Also expect a good number of exclusive accessories for the new car as well.

And finally, it may be worth noting that most if not all R56 colors will also be available on the Clubman.