World Premier: Hammer & Coop Music Video

We sincerely hope you’re ready to rock. Only if you’re truly prepared can you begin to fully appreciate the authentic retro goodness that is this music video. And don’t be shy about singing along. In the heat of the moment, it’s only natural…

[ Hammer & Coop Music Video ] Google Video via MotoringFile
  • Jon

    awesome song

  • SB

    Very nicely done. It’s a keeper. 🙂

  • R56LVR

    Not working for me.

  • This rocks!

  • Christopher W

    Painful, just painful. I suppose it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s a very weak joke.

  • DavidB

    Awesome, might even have to put that on my ipod 🙂

  • rhawth99

    I liked it – cool that you have it here a couple of days early! 🙂 Thanks for the early scoop!

  • eager2own

    DavidB — it’s not already on there? It’s been on mine — now I just have to play it loud when I drive home with the top down tonight.

  • zack

    something i’ve been wondering throughout these questionable hammer & coop webisodes, is coop a modified stunt car?

    suspension, engine, handbrake, etc?


    This may be a stupid advertising campaign when all is said and done, but it cracks me up to no end.

  • MMMMMmmmm. I sure do like cheese.

  • Mike

    I personally love this whole Hammer and Cooper idea. It’s hilarious and who couldn’t like the driving scenes? I really hope they continue Hammer and Coop in some way.

  • jason

    But the question remains…How many of you have picked up the Official Hammer and Coop Air Exhilarator (air freshener) from your dealer?

    Smells Like ACTION! Pic

  • prkali

    Any word on if this video will actually make the music-video channels??!?!

  • Rocketboy_X

    Call me a square, but I don’t get it. It plays out like a bad attempt to capture the ‘Adult Swim’ crowd, when all we really want is just more Stroker and Hoop, not Hammer and Coop.

  • Nextmoon

    Prefer the Italian Job..

  • Nathaniel Salzman

    Speaking of The Italian Job, did anyone else notice the uncanny resemblance to Mark Wahlberg?

    It’s cheezy, but just like the rest of H&C, I LOVE IT!

  • rrudorf

    I am embarrassed for the advertising agency and MINI. I don’t get it.

  • faster,Tobias!

    How much forethought, given the nasty experience BMW had with the division, that the bad guy is driving a Jaguar. Oh, and look, it gets wrecked. Subtle! And count me in among those that like the whole ‘Hammer & Coop’ concept; it is a total send-up of some bad 70’s T.V programming, and as such is best appreciated with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek.

  • SrBlanco

    Did anyone else notice that the brunette at the car-wash gave coop a smack on the a$$? Brilliant!

    Hammer & Coop are my heroes!

  • Ian B

    Ughhh – this whole idea had promise, but the execution is lackluster. Just give the whole North American account to TAXI already….

  • Motoring Advisor

    I love it! It’s just funny… plain and simple. Naturally, it won’t appeal to everyone. Nothing does.

    I can’t wait to see how it ends! And, who knows, maybe it will become a real TV show similar to what just happened with the Geico cavemen.

  • FrankInMiami

    I still think the single most brilliant marketing move MINIUSA ever made was to put 3 R50/53 MINIs as the stars of the Italian Job 2003 remake. Sorry but Hammer & Coop does not measure to the impact and reach a full motion picture (with a story line with history and pedigree to boot) that movie had on audiences 4 years ago. People that either did not know about MINI or otherwise woul dnot have paid attention to them, wanted to own one when the movie was over.

    Hammer and Coop simply tries to hard to be funny and comes accross as cheesy and disconnected from what the product R56 is all about.

    CP+B did a majestic job with the marketing of the original new MINI and so far the new Sausalito ad agency fails to impress.

    By the way, where is my keychain transponder??