March Madness with MINIs

While don’t condone big-time sports gambling here at MotoringFile, but a little office pool never hurt anyone. And what better reason to get involved (beyond the love for the game) than a chance to win a 2007 MINI.

[ Pickspal Bracket 2007 ] Pickspal

For all those outside the US who think March Madness might be related to a overly rigorous St. Patrick’s Day celebration, feel free to read this.

  • LannyMCS

    Central CT FTW!

  • robble

    I’m not into sports so I have no idea about any of the teams. I still did it just to try and be lucky.

  • JR

    Just FYI- it states that it is a 2006 Cooper, not a 2007. So that kinda sucks.

  • montanman

    It’s a COOPER. Come on, even if we can’t take that I’ll take the HDTV! 🙂

  • O(=^=)O Capn

    Too bad the picture is an R56

  • Deli

    Consider it an instant classic!

  • Chris

    I was wondering if Pickspal is legit and safe. Apparently it is, found this interesting article.

  • longgal234

    Yes, it’s free. Free contests are cool!