Vegas baby, Vegas. Yes MotoringFile (both DB and myself) will be at AMVIV this weekend. Along with Todd we’ll be bringing you the latest in AMVIV audio on both and So what happens in Vegas, won’t stay in Vegas. Coverage will be similar to what we did for MTTS with updates throughout the week and weekend at the various events.

And for those looking to take home a little bit of AMVIV from the trip, (Todd and I for those keeping score) will be selling a limited edition 2007 AMVIV magnetic MotoringBadge. We’ll only have 100 on hand (60 blue/40 black) and once they sell out, they’re gone. So if you hope to take one home, stop by the booth early.

*The white badge you see in the pic is our VIP given as a thank you to those running the show this weekend.