Hey, we’re all busy. Sometimes there’s just not time in the day to take a five minute survey – even if it is about MINIs. That’s why we’re reposting the survey we introduced to MotoringFile readers last week. Here’s the scoop:

Klaus Römer, a business student at Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany emailed us with an idea. As part of his dissertation, Klaus asked if we’d be interested in hosting a survey that will help in learning what aspects of relationships in the blogosphere are most important for the our readers. The success of his dissertation depends to a large extent on this survey.

So in an effort to help Klaus (and MotoringFile since we’ll also be getting a peek at the results) we’d like to ask our readers to spare a few minutes and complete the survey. Happy clicking!

[ Blogs in the automotive industry: Opinion survey ] English Version

[ Umfrage zum Thema Weblogs im Automobilbereich ] German Version