MotoringFile March Photo Contest Results

We’re back with the second installment of the MotoringFile Photo Contest, this time for March. Last month saw over 160 photos from our 260 group members, which is slightly fewer than last month, yet it was somehow harder to choose just a handful! (And, yes, that’s our excuse for not getting the picks made until this late into April….) The creativity, skill and sheer luck continue to leave your intrepid judges just a little bit breathless.

And so, without further ado, here are the winners of the March 2007 MotoringFile photo contest!

First Place

Picture 003

The grand prize this month goes to the one known only as “minir50cooper”, a relative newcomer to Flickr. Mr. (or Ms.) MiniR50Cooper, please step up and claim your MotoringBadges grille badge!

Runners Up

MG_64441111 by Chris

This month’s first runner up is from Chris, who probably just finished washing his car when the rain fell.

Silver Cooper
Silver Cooper by Nick

The spotlight’s on our 2nd runner up, Nick, and a stunning silver R56 Cooper.

PDX MINI - Gran Prix to Grand Lodge Run
PDX MINI – Gran Prix to Grand Lodge Run by Tania Feliciano

Tania and the PDX MINI clan bring us our 3rd runner up.

Honorable Mentions

Like the chip commercial says, “once you pop, you can’t stop”:

MINI in the Night
MINI in the Night by fredo

Extremadura 07
Extremadura 07 by Miquel

GIo Mini
GIo Mini by Giorgio

Thanks again to everyone who entered! We love what we’re seeing here (even though it makes our jobs so much more difficult); please keep ’em coming!

  • Very nice first place picture

  • Mike

    All of them are very beautiful. Very good job to all.

  • Sorry… my english is very poor 🙁

    One of the photos are mine!!! 😉


    And in the february contest have another!!!

    Thank you very very much!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Thanks for the runner up award 🙂 It was snow not rain but yeh not long after I cleaned it :p

  • Miquel… eres un crack!!! Si es que te acabaran contratando como fotografo, ya veras!!!

    Miquel… You are the master!! Somebody will take you as a professional photographer!! You’ll see!!

  • Kevin

    Glo Mini is my fav.