Great story from AutoNews about how Nebraska’s new MINI dealership rose out of Ford ashes. Here’s an excerpt:

>It was a bittersweet event. Mini replaced a Ford franchise that Markel sold to another dealer in 2004 with the hope of getting Mini. The Ford franchise had been part of Markel Ford-BMW; the family retains the BMW dealership.

>But Markel has no regrets: “This is going to be so much fun coming from Ford. It had gotten to the point of bitterness, and I couldn’t deal with the prospect of trying to find a way to grind out the volume numbers.

>”As a dealership, we are much better at customer service rather than being volume vendors.”

Unfortunately you have to be a member to read the rest of the story. The good news is that AutoNews (normally quite pricey) is free this entire week. You just need to register as a regular user (they won’t charge you).

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