MINI USA’s Exclusive MINI United Program

Now that we’ve made it official that we’ll be at MINI United, we wanted to let all of our readers and listeners know how to join us. The first step is registering via the MINIUSA’s Owner’s Lounge and at By registering for the USA program in addition to MINI United, you will be invited to these bonus events at no additional fee:

  • A specially discounted hotel rate of 185 Euros at the designated MINI Program hotel
  • Welcome package
  • Commemorative gifts and lots of goodies
  • Friday night Welcome Reception (including dinner for you and a guest)
  • Daily shuttle service from the Moevenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre to MINI United at Zandvoort (a must since you’ll have to leave your wheels behind!)
  • Access to a MINI for use on track at Zandvoort
  • Sunday night Gala dinner party (dinner for you and a guest) in Amsterdam with special guest Rauno Aaltonen

However it’s important to remember that you can only gain access to the exclusive MINI USA events by reserving your hotel room at the Moevenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre through a link to a registration web site found on MINI Owners Lounge. Rooms and program space are limited and reservations will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Register early to ensure your participation in the MINI USA program. A two-night minimum reservation is required and cancellations will not be accepted after May 15. Registration closes on May 15.

To recap, those from the US going need to register both at the MINI USA’s owners lounge and to get all the registration benefits.

Think about it this way. With gas prices rising in the US, there’s no telling how much you’d spend driving somewhere this summer. Why not take that money and spend it on airfare to Amsterdam? With deals being offered all the time for places like London and Amsterdam, it may be cheaper than you think. British Airways for instance, is offering a great sale through tomorrow on the entire summer. You can check it out here.

[ MINI USA Owners Lounge ] [ ]
  • Vanwall

    Hopefully Aaltonen brings his piccies to the gala – he was quite the shooter in those pre-Flickr days.

  • That hotel ain’t cheap, $252 a night with the “discounted” rate.

  • Todd
    That hotel ain’t cheap, $252 a night with the “discounted” rate.

    Yeah, but it’s something like USD$349 a night without the discount. It’s a really nice hotel and a newer one at that. Don’t forget that with the hotel stay you’ll get two dinners plus the other bonus items at no additional charge so it becomes a pretty good value all told.

  • Gary


    I’ve already booked a place to stay in Zandvoort… Just wondering if I’ll still be able to go to the MINI USA events if I register, but don’t stay at the hotel?

    I have a US MINI, and a UK MINI… The UK MINI will be at MINI United, driving from London (or Paris)… I hope to be at The Dragon Run next weekend in May, with my US MINI, driving from Atlanta…


  • Roger

    Too bad they didn’t have this setup for Misano. My wife and I flew over for the event and really wished we had access to a Mini for the track drive.

  • SB

    I just checked on airfare and wish I would have sooner. It was not much more than I spent last year at the Dragon. Throw in the hotel and it’s a decent deal.

    I need to start saving my pennies now for next year. 🙂

  • SL

    Too bad all of us americans who are living in Germany with our US spec MINIs cannot register on the Owner’s Lounge. Hopefully we will still be able to attend some of these events as weel even though we are not registered.

  • I’m sad that MINI Canada’s not doing anything like this for Canadians like me who are going to MINI United. I’m also sad that MINI USA said I can’t participate since I don’t have access to the owners’ lounge. sigh.

    Either way it’s going to be a blast – can’t wait!

  • I need to start saving my pennies now for next year. 🙂

    FYI – MINI is looking to do this every few years. Unfortunately you may have to wait a bit longer if you miss this one.

  • b

    It is too bad that MINI USA won’t pony up for an event like this in the states. I am sure that it would be big.

  • It is too bad that MINI USA won’t pony up for an event like this in the states. I am sure that it would be big.

    I guess it’s how you look at it. I’d say they they ponied up plenty for MINI Takes the States and it was huge.

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