MINI United on the Cheap From the USA

With the largest MINI event ever set to take place in under two month’s time just outside Amsterdam, undoubtedly a few of our readers are considering making the trek. However some of your from the US might think a trip like this could be out of reach. We’re here to dispell that rumor and give you a couple tips that might help in making the trip a little easier to swallow financially.

First and foremost, look at airline specials to both Amsterdam and London. Many times airlines such as Virgin Atlantic or British Airways have great sales in the month of June to London. British Airways for instance, is offering a great sale through tomorrow on the entire summer with prices as low as $550 round trip from NYC to London. You can check it out here.

From London getting to Amsterdam can also be surprisingly cheap. Low-cost airlines (such as Easy Jet or Ryan Air) often will get you there for around $50 one way. If you want to stick with BA, you can get there for just under $60.

The second tip is to make sure to sign-up for MINI USA’s special program. Hotel savings along will be over $100 a night – not including the two free meals they provide Friday and Saturday. And then there’s all the swag and special events and access. It’s a must for anyone from the US.

So yes, you can do MINI United without breaking the bank.

  • johnPC

    Shoot. And here I am with my expired passport.

  • luis

    I am going to be going to MINIUNITED with my GF. We are going to London first and take the palnt tour .. we are looking to get a lift from london to Amsterdam …or if we fly we are hoping a local miniac can give us a ride from the airport in Amsterdam and take us to zandvoort..WE WANT TO ARRIVE ON A MINI!!!

  • ahamos

    When I was in Amsterdam (a decade ago), the common and inexpensive way to get there was to fly into Frankfurt or Hamburg and take the train.

    Or, if you have a lot of time, fly into Paris or Munich.

    Coming home, fly from Amsterdam to London, and thence to NYC or Chicago.

  • ejkd

    Thanks Gabe for these tips. I am sure it will help us who wants to attend.

  • Vanwall

    Getting the cheapest way to get there is one part. Getting the time off is another – no joy here.

  • Phantom

    Gabe, thanks for the tips. I am toying with the idea of visiting the UK in September and do the Plant Oxford tour. Unfortunately I can’t make it to MINI United this time around, but look forward to MTTS ’08 if it ever happens.

  • gz


  • geeknerd

    Plus you’ll be in Amsterdam and the cannabis is cheaper, offsetting costs for the stoners out there. Puff Puff Pass Gentelmen!

    I wish I could make it! Looks to be a blast!

  • Outta my reach still – I’ll have to settle for TGICR instead…

  • TomB

    Stop tempting me!!! I need to save money for MINI Mods, not trips to europe where I can’t drive my MINI!!!

  • jongar

    To our American cousins.

    If you do take advantage of the flights to London, there are naturally a lot of Mini’s heading to Zandvoort from there. I am already signed up to take one of your northern neighbours through the eurotunnel and back to Amsterdam. If you would like a ride sign up at the following thread – we will do our best to find you a lift with like minded individuals.


  • luis

    I am in that thread and not luck getting a lift yet.. ther’s time still..

  • Just drop the dime! How often do you get out and see something other than here! And all those Minisand all us freaks. I’ve been working straight the last 2 months. Gabe are you in touch with the BMW Photo archival people?