Top Gear: The 100 Fastest Cars

Wedged nicely at position #31 behind the Vauxhall Corsa VXR and in front of the Renault Clio 197 you will find the 2007 R56 MCS.

Look at the thing: an insult to authenticity. All its vents are blanks and the bonnet vent goes nowhere; it fed the intercooler on the last-gen supercharged engine but the turbo’s is elsewhere.

But forget the tricksy falseness and you’ve got a car that forges a powerful bond with its driver. BMW always insisted the Mini got a low-slung driving position – its steering wheel and pedals are absolutely straight ahead. The steering is talkative and confidence-boosting, so it’s easy to have the Mini scuttling through corners right on its limit. Sure, it’s a bit short on traction and it’s got laughably tiny rear seats, but judged on what matters in a hot hatch – the hotness – the Mini is near-perfect.

[ The 100 Fastest Cars – MINI Cooper S ]
  • Cool find DB. Also worth noting – the MINI also won the hot hatch challenge in this month’s Top Gear magazine.

  • The list appears to be in no particular order. #35 is the Ferrari Challenge Stradale and #24 is a Fiat 695 Abarth – all 38 hp of it. #1 is the Hertz Mustang Cobra!

  • Husni Amirullah

    I take it you guys read my comment and post this up… cheers!!

  • robble

    That doesn’t look like an official color? at least not for the U.S….

  • That doesn’t look like an official color? at least not for the U.S….

    That simple a desaturated picture of the Laser Blue press car that has been making the rounds in the UK.

  • DevonK

    Curious that one of the new MINIs didn’t make their 100 Sexiest Cars list, it would make more sense there than in the fastest list. Another notable absence from their sexiest list: the gorgeous Opel GT from the 70’s….

  • lolololol…

  • David P.Curcione
    1. The Unlimited Arrow #1 has a Record top Speed of 273 m.p.h or 433.33 Kl/m too! The Fastest Legal on roads Highways,Salt Flats, too! Autobound in Germany too! Number one Fastest Supercar too! Thankyou,