MotoringFile April Photo Contest results

Bet you thought we forgot about you, didn’t you? Your humble photo contest editor was caught slacking this month; his only excuse is that the weather was really nice and he was out motoring!

This is the third installment of the MotoringFile Photo Contest, for April 2007. April was a pretty quiet month as far as the MotoringFile Flickr group went, with a shade under 60 photos posted. As always, however, there were still enough excellent pics posted that choosing a handful to feature on the site wasn’t easy.

Onward to this month’s winners!

First Place

Mini (47)

Ah, Monaco. An itty bitty Mediterranean nation with some serious F1 cred. Our Italian friend Luca Boscariol brings us this evocative shot of a MINI One D Park Lane. Luca, drop us a line and we’ll get your MotoringBadges grille badge on its way to you!

Runners Up

Miami MINI Graffiti.
Miami MINI Graffiti. by James Good

At first glance, this month’s first runner up from James Good looks like some nifty work with Photoshop; if we’re wrong, please don’t ruin it for us, ok?

motorby_1 by Ernesto Vumbles

Ernesto Vumbles (or “Steve” as his friends like to call him) gives us a little taste of MINI USA’s Motorby program for our second runner up. You really need to click through for a larger version of this shot to take in all the detail.

Nano by Matt Cook

Matt Cook and his ineffably-lit MCSc round out our runners up for the month.

Honorable Mentions

Salida/Exit by Miquel

myself in my mini (black and white)
myself in my mini (black and white) by Brian Cooper

orton02 by poca-traça

Thanks to our winner, runners up, and honorable mentions. We love all the great photos we get to see every month from around the world!

  • DB

    Another fine set! Love the winner this time. So much I made it my desktop.

  • WOW!!! Another photo mine here!!

    Congrats to the winner and the other photographers!!

    Sorry… my english is very very poor :_(

  • minir50cooper

    Graet to see you didn’t forgot about the MotoringFile Photo Contest I won first place in march and Iam still waiting for my motoring badge Todd! I can’t wait to see some MINI United and plant tour pics