One of the things I am beginning to enjoy is picking apart a truly bad automotive review, especially when it’s done by a non-automotive publication. Case in point, Business Week.

>The regular Mini also has the advantage of using regular gasoline, while the Mini S requires premium.

According to the R56 Owners Manual, minimum octane rating is still 91.

>The Mini Cooper S is a blast to drive, even with an automatic transmission. The laws of physics dictate that a boxy little front-wheel-drive car like the Mini can’t really drive like a BMW. The Mini spins out of control a lot easier than a BMW 3 Series when you head into a curve at high speed. But given the constraints of its econobox design, the Mini handles extremely well.

Spin? Out of Control? Perhaps this review was done on ice covered roads.

You can read more yourself at the link below. Or not, it’s entirely up to you.

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