Recently fellow MF writer and diesel fan DB posted about the MINI Cooper D in relation to the US market. Specifically he asked the question; would you (in the US) buy one? Over 200 comments is impressive surely, but I wanted to shed a little more light on the unfortunate Diesel reality we have in the US. To start with I’m a huge fan of diesels and would welcome the Cooper D. However there are some very specific and real reasons why we will not see this car without some major legislative change in several key states. The problem with diesel is tailpipe emissions, particularly smog causing NOx. Unfortunately, the MINI Cooper D does not comply with emissions regulations for all 50 states. So a very large portion of US MINI dealers could not sell it even if it were offered. This makes the federalization costs prohibitive for MINI USA to offer it in the US market.

Yes MINI could look at technology like Mercedes Bluetec (what they use to control these missions) but a solution like that would both cost an enormous amount per car and eat away at the already low storage space in the MINI.

We’ll be delving into this topic more in the coming months with further details on both what to expect in the future and why the future (in the US) isn’t the Cooper D