This question comes from MF reader Kevin D.:

>Did you have to change anything when upgrading to 18″ rims? Will the run flat light come on and does the mph gauge need to be re-calibrated?

In my personal experience there’s nothing more to do than to reset the tire monitoring button after installation of the wheels/tires. The reason being that the circumference is typically different than the previous combination and the system will need to be re-calibrated. Otherwise that’s pretty much it. MINI has a steering angle stop kit they recommend with 18″ wheels but I’ve found that the several popular sizes (205/40/18 & 215/35/18) don’t rub so I’m not sure there’s much of a point. I’ll be testing that theory further when I pick-up new 215/40/18 rubber (replacing my current 215/35/18) for my car early next year.

Of course this doesn’t begin to answer all the reasons you may or may not want 18″ wheels on your MINI.