MINI Challenge Clubman Safety Car

We’ve got a sneak peak at the MINI Challenge Safety car for the 2008 MINI Challenge series from Europe. This Clubman is a one-off built by the same folks who created the Challenge race car. Built with various Challenge Race car pieces added for increased track performance, what you see below is easily the fastest Clubman ever built. Both the front and rear defuser make an appearance as well as what appears to be a JCW Challenge exhaust. Also take notice of the new rear spoiler – an official Clubman accessory to be offered for 2008.

Could this be a pre-cursor to a full-on JCW Clubman? Time will tell.

Big thanks to Axel for the pics!

  • Day42

    That is pretty sweet looking! I hope they are planning to produce a JCW Clubman!?!

  • Victor

    Nice body kit.

  • Craig

    I wonder if that is a color that will be offered on the production car.

  • BrewSwapGuy

    Hope that spoiler is effective because I think it looks terribly out of place.

    Love the diffuser though.

  • prkali
    Hope that spoiler is effective because I think it looks terribly out of place.

    Looks like the one on the A Team Van!!!!!!LOL.

    I actually tend to like it though!!

  • Vanwall

    I could see a nice set of rails going to that spoiler for a nifty roof rack. We’ll see something like this right away when they go on sale.

  • Darren

    I see the black headlights have made an appearance again from the Millionth Mini … hope they appear on the JCW stage II.

    Love the rear diffuser too!

  • eto

    Is this the first sighting of the JCW body kit for the Clubman? Looks very nice overall.

  • Mark Smith

    O.K. you’ve just given me the idea for my next MINI. A-Team ROCKS!

  • nice!

  • mike

    that ROCKS!

  • Radley

    I like this a lot. I might go Clubman S instead of Cooper S. I hope MINI offers the black housing head lights soon. I also hope they offer that rear diffuser or some aftermarket company makes some.

  • any bigger pics?

  • Radley

    I am with Jordan on this one, any bigger pics?

  • DB

    Wow. That looks hot.

    Of course, I saw it last night during the WRR live show. I’m not bragging or anything 😉

  • Jon

    Best looking Clubman so far. Should be a good safety car for the Mini races. I hae no doubts that Mini will make the JCW kit fit the Clubmna, still hoping they keep the Factory JCW to the coupe only.

  • RB

    Love that Euro green.

  • dark06mcs

    that front diffuser/lip is killer. someone needs to produce that.

  • love. this. car.

  • I want bigger pics pleaseee!!!

  • MM

    I prefer black mirrors. Although it still looks awesome.

  • minimalist

    wow those obscured side windows look so cool, come on MINI/BMW lets have the van, it would sell in droves to image conscious companies.

  • Wonder what that bunker in the background was/is used for? Cheeky Clubman too…

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  • gokartride

    Very nice!! Love the black grill trim.

  • GregW

    Will there be an aftermarket Van conversion? Or how about a “woodie”?

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  • Mark@miniofthemainline

    MINIUSA bring that color to the US market!

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  • We were told about this at the Clubman preview in Oxford yesterday! I think it looks awesome!

    some pics of the launch event. 🙂

  • Also we were given the Clubman brochure which included details of the JCW kit for the Clubman, and I must say it looks really good!

  • i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: i love those wheels! gimme!

  • Mike

    Yes the rims are superb, wanna have !

    Does anybody know something about the availability and price ?

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