Is This the JCW Clubman? Guess Again

Despite every automotive blog on the planet running the same story with the same picture (right), we have not witnessed the first signs of the JCW Clubman. The image above is actually an official press photo issued by BMW of Germany to show-off some of the JCW accessories available for the upcoming Clubman. In fact, it’s the same photo we wrote about a few months back.

The accessories shown on this car are the exact same ones you can buy for the current R56 and they do not include the dealer installed engine kit, suspension kit or even the aero kit. Instead they’re simply a limited collection of basically whatever happens to fit on the Clubman.

So for those waiting for real news on the JCW Clubman, here’s a little nugget for you. The dealer JCW kit (the Stage I) hasn’t yet been approved for the Clubman. MINI is currently studying whether or not it’s worth the effort to produce given the number of potential sales. But before you count out a JCW Clubman altogether – remember, this is the same company that created this.

  • nervous

    M5 Touring – [drool]

  • Jon

    Why WOULDN’T the JCW engine kit be compatible with the Clubman?

    Doesn’t the Clubman use the same engine, same engine management software, same size engine bay, same measurements and room underneath the bonnet as the MCS? So where’s the issue?

  • lavardera

    debunked again!

  • Bob H.

    The guys from “Mythbusters” could not have crushed this myth any quicker. Great link to the M5 ad.

  • Mark Smith

    It’ll come. Even though Cooper S/ Cooper S Clubman clientelle are going to be somewhat different they have one thing in common. A good number of them wouldn’t mind a little more get up and go. The Clubman is going to be indirectly compared to the WRX Hatch as well as the GTi four door. Also I’m sure the Scion Xb will also be compared and they offer a supercharger and things like that you can get for that box of Vanilla Ice Cream.

  • matt


  • greg

    This looks weird. Like t*** on a bull. I can see why Mini wouldn’t bother. Very few will buy stage one on a clubman. I bet very few will even buy the S.

  • Jon

    Think there will be a decent number of Clubman drivers that might want this, the main question is will it be a large enough percentage of owners go down this path. I would say I am over 50% sure that we will eventually see some sort of JCW kit for the Clubman. I seriously doubt any decision will be made until they start seeing sales figures for the Clubman.

  • I bet it is more than you think. when I asked the wife weather or not she wants the Cooper Clubman or the S Clubman, there was not even a milisecond of thought. S Clubman period. If she knew about the JCW Clubman, she would want that too. Fortunately for my wallet, she does not.

  • Vanwall

    Wifey sez ‘S’.

  • matt

    i’ll take the Clubman with the highest power output available. if MINI give us JCW, that’s what i’ll shop.

  • MrChips

    Well from the sound of all these comments I guess I must be the ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET who is anxiously awaiting a JCW Clubman S with all the trimmings. Think of it as a “Baby M5 Touring”. Oh well…

  • Jon

    Must still admit I don’t quite grasp the JCW Clubman personally, but am sure it will work for a lot of people. longer wheelbase and more weight is kinda opposite what I normally look for. Still sure it would be a hoot.

  • Whisperbomb

    Does anybody have a clean version of the rear view, which was underneath the picture shown in this post on that grainy picture-of-a-picture of the brochure?

  • greg

    Sure, you guys will get it, however, we are afficianados and the masses aren’t. Example. My stage one was installed six weeks ago. As of yesterday it is the only one sold in northern Ohio. And my serial # was 144 (on Earth) which leads me to believe that there are not as many suckers like me out there as Mini hoped. Same goes for the suspension.

  • Brian

    Very good point Greg.

  • Evan

    Please release the Stage I kit for the Clubman.

    The kit hasn’t truly been out that long, so perhaps that is why your kit number was so low. Or your dealer ordered an early kit and you’re simply the first buyer at that dealer.

    Any idea on when the accent color going down the C-pillars and bumper trim will be available in body color or at least white?

  • Jimskater

    Mr Chips

    The day I first heard about the Clubman (on here, I believe), the first thought that came to mind was “JCW”

    So there’s at least two of us.

  • DB

    This looks weird. Like t* on a bull. I can see why Mini wouldn’t bother. Very few will buy stage one on a clubman. I bet very few will even buy the S

    Clubman. JCW please. Like the safety car for the MINI Challenge would be perfect. Except maybe not in lime green.

  • scotteast

    I’m planning to get a Clubman S in ’09. If there is a Stage 1 JCW, I’ll probably get that, too. It will help to make up for the extra weight of the larger car.

  • Pipe

    I’ve got an ’04 JCW MCS now, but can’t fit anyone in the front passenger seat with the baby seat in the back (our son is still too young to face forward). I’d LOVE a JCW Clubman S so that I could actually take my family out for a ride!

  • ValparaisoExpress

    Pipe, I think your problem is the wrong selection of baby car seat for the MINI. My boy is now 1 year old (He is a big baby) and now this week began to ride forward facing. When he was 3 months old, he began riding rear facing in a Britax Roundbout car seat. I highly recommend it. The Roundabout model is the only car seat from Britax that fits perfectly in the MINI and does not eat away valuable front seat passenger room, even in rear facing mode. The Roundabout is a snap to take in and out of the car. In both front/rear facing modes we have been using the LATCH system exclusively to buckle it up. Solid as a rock and the seat itself is ultra comfy for the baby. It is pricey at $220 retail but it is well worth the expense. We liked it so much we bought a second one for the other MINI (Yes we are a 2 MINI family and we take family road trips in the MINIs without any problems whatsoever).

    We will be ordering a new Clubman shortly, but when it comes to the MINI, the selection of the right baby gear makes a huge difference when it comes to interior room.

    For the stroller, we have been using the Peg Perego Aria that fits perfectly in the MINI’s boot with both rear seat backs up. We also used the Combi EX Travel System when he was a newborn in the MINI with no problems either.

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