miniWow! Can you believe we are now into the 2nd century of Woofcasts? And our third year? Crazy, I know.

As a special treat tonight, we were joined by Michael from The Mail Buoy Podcast and Robert from the soundseeing tours, Mobile Movie Minute and The Business Cast. Also, shout out to The Scooter Cast. If you are interested in Scooting and some great music, you should totally check it out.

Starting off with a clip from Woof #21, which has now been classified as a ‘Classic’. Check it out.

Then we finish with a rousing rendition of news from Motoringfile.

For those of you that missed it, we did the show live via uStream again, audio only. It worked out much better than we expected with better quality than TalkShoe. I’m sure we will do this one again.

Be sure to check back tomorrow too. Robert and Micheal join us again and it was a lot of fun!

Woofcast #200 [audio:]

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