Top 10 Best Resale Value Cars

It’s the time of year in the US again. The time with Kelly Blue book compiles their list of the best resale values. This years Top 10 list, complied by CNN Money, looks very similiar to years past with MINI near the top.

The list isn’t in numerical order, it’s just the top 10 cars with the highest resale value on the used market in the United States. Otherwise they wouldn’t have listed the MINI 4th (with a 52% rating) behind the Chevrolet Corvette (with a 50% rating).

Others in the top 10 include the Scion xB and tC, the Corolla and Honda Civic.

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  • How did they determine 4th?

    Looks like it should be tied with 2nd place along with the others from 2-8.

  • TSizemore3

    Looks like they were listed in alphabetical order.

  • Dave Mac Mini

    The MINI scored 52%, along with several others, and as far as I can see, no other car scored higher than 52%, so the MINI is in a several way tie for first place.

  • Aussom

    That’s great news and appears to be reflective of Aussie MINIs holding up their resale values also.

    Those if us who have purchased their MINIs second-hand have probably avoided a drop in resale value from new prices. the resale value of my second-hand 2002 MCS has marginally dropped over the past 18 months.

    Now how many MINI owners are willing to sell their safe and reliable pride and joy (except to upgrade to a newer model)?

  • Barry

    Resale?? People sell their Mini’s?? No way!