2008 Chicago Auto Show Gallery

Some great cars, interesting debuts and about a foot of snow. The 2008 Chicago Auto Show had it all this year. If your only interested in MINIs, you’ll want to skip into the middle of the album.

[pictobrowser gbridger 72157603865743687]

You can see the full set much larger (without edges cut off) here.

As always a big thanks to Matt A. for helping out.

  • Gabe, I don’t think you took enough pics of the tii. ; )

  • eto

    LOL!!! Is Dodge really making a Caravan R/T??? Great pics, Gabe.

  • c4

    Caravan R/T? Hey never ever race a Minivan…They’ll own you!

  • msh441

    Did they give any hints of what’s under the hood of, or in store for, the tii concept? I heard suggestions elsewhere of a 4-cylinder turbo.

  • matt

    See the BimmerFile article on this piece. The short answer is, it’s a 135 with bits bolted to it.

  • c4

    You are looking at Gabe’s dream garage in that photo… 2002 and 135 Tii

  • IF you’re interested in MINIs??? What site is this? BimmerFile? 😉

  • Aurel

    Nice pics … the NY Auto Show might warrant a visit this year. Lots of new cars.

    and LOL at the “Hey never ever race a Minivan…They’ll own you!” comment … its so true!!!

    what is it abouut minivans that make them so fast?

  • msh441

    “The short answer is, it’s a 135 with bits bolted to it.”

    Appears the shorter answer is is not going into production, period. So… 🙁

  • Were there any smart fortwo’s at the show? I looked on the Chicago Auto Show website, and did not see that smart was having a display…

  • Crusoe

    Tii looks nice in and out, hood is cool. I’m sure someone can and will recreate this once they get it home. The M3 Racer is cool. Nissan GTR unbelievable, engine layout WoW!

    Excluding MINIs most the rest of the cars were ho hum. 135i production interior bland and unispiring, looks like any other sedan. That Jaguar looks like my ’06 base Impreza with a different grill. Only US car that was interesting was the Shelby.

    Racing Vans? Didn’t you see the 5th Gear with them racing the A-team replica van?

  • Uncle John

    Great pictures! Best I’ve seen of the Club Door and the seat belt.

    We ordered our Clubman S last week, that will be MINI #5 (two R-53s, one R-50 and the present R-56). For the first time, we will be a two MINI family. Woohoo

  • gmini

    flickr link not working

  • MINIme

    The 2002 rules! The new 1 series pales in comparison. No character.

  • Ketan

    The link isn’t working.

  • JH

    The BMW 02 on display was the most mint example I have seen in years. A brilliant car! The 1 series looks fun but the four door + hatch available everywhere else but here is a much more useful version of the 1 series. At least we now have a MINI clubman here to almost fill the shoes of the 1 series hatch. O……the Clubman looks exceptional in the brown on brown colour arrangement.