BimmerFile Review: BMW 135i

Over the years we’ve reviewed a handful of MINI competitors in an effort to bring you the best of the automotive world through the eyes of a MINI owner. Today we have another. However now that we have BimmerFile as our BMW outlet, we’re going to move all of our BMW related content (even cars we would call MINI competitors) over to the new sister site. And that starts with this review.

So with that said, we bring you our first review of the new BMW 135i – a car more than a few MINI owners have an eye on. You can check it out at BimmerFile.

+ BimmerFile Review: BMW 135i

  • Charlie

    Gabe, Enough with the 135 ! We’re waiting for the Clubman S Review 🙂

  • It’s coming tomorrow.

  • Vanwall

    Clubman review? – been there, done that. For a Zelazny fugue-master, and forward-going, nothing is impossible.

  • c4

    The 135i is a beautiful car. Not sure it is worth the additional $10K premium over a Cooper S.

    This is a great car to do European delivery. That’s for sure.

  • Greg

    There was a time a few years ago I would have HAD to had one of these. Mini has cured me of my “high end” car fetish, that is unless you consider 40k+ for my JCW.

  • c4

    In these times we live in, it is becoming harder and harder to justify dropping that much dough on a car, considering, you can have as much fun and similar thrills in a car like the MINI, costing $10K-$15K less.

    That said, I plan, at some point in my life, to own a Bimmer and this car could well be it (Or a 3 series sportswagon which I have always liked).