As mentioned a bazillion times already, Gabe went to the BMW Press Event in Monterey, California, last week. And this is his story, plus our questions.

A note to our affliates, this show does go long. Weighing in at an impressive 55:55, we let Gabe cover his entire week, pretty much start to finish. I think you’ll be surprised about his take on the automatic transmission in the Clubman, and his thoughts, overall, on the //M3.

Be sure to check back to WRR tomorrow. Robert in Toronto stopped by the Toronto Auto Show and snagged a bit of video of the Clubman in the MINI Booth!

We have also been tossing around a few ideas this week that we will be discussing on next weeks show. Listen up! We will, as always, be looking for your feedback.

Woofcast 224: [audio:]

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