The Factory JCW Videos (Updated)

We’ve got a few new videos of MINI’s factory JCW, including an exclusive look at the interior. However don’t forget that not everything seen on the cars comes standard as part of the JCW model.

JCW MINI at the Track

JCW Interior Design

JCW Exterior Design (Coupe)

JCW Exterior Design (Clubman)

JCW Engine Shots

  • Jon

    Hopping we see a few upcoming video’s of the cars on the track pushing it some. Interesting video though nothing to enthralling.

    I saw track video and got excited, but it turns out they are out for a Sunday stroll on the track lol. One tiny squeak of a tire letting lose, heck that isn’t a track video. I also see the r56 has the optional body kit that it seems Mini/BMW shows in every shot of the car, yet are not making standard. Looking forward to seeing some right foot used on the track.

  • robble

    exhaust sounds good.

  • Jon

    Would agree that it sounds decent, was kinda hoping to hear it at a little higher rpm. No sign of a burble but not a bad sound.

  • Woj

    Hmmm. The clubman has lots of body lean through the corners and they both look like they still have the pseudo-SUV height issues. Where is that track-biased suspension option that the original announcement mentioned?

  • Jon

    Woj, both cars will come with the standard Mini suspension. The sport suspension and JCW suspension are available as optional upgrades.

  • Greg

    Love the sound of the supercharger whine….er, uh, nevermind.

    JCW Clubman. The concept is weird to me. Like a peanut butter and liver sandwich. It looks dumb racing around the track.

    I grudgingly accept the Clubman as a historically accurate nod to the masses. But to consider it “sporty” doesn’t work IMO.

  • eager2own

    Once again, you’d think the aerokit was standard on the JCW kit — still misleading.

  • Jon

    Nope you get to pay $1595.00 to look like every other Mini wearing the JCW aero kit lol.

  • hello 135….

  • Mac
    Once again, you’d think the aerokit was standard on the JCW kit – still misleading.

    well, simply look at the R55 – that one does not have the aerokit fitted (which by the way is not available yet…and its also uncertain at the moment if it’ll ever be)

    but you’re somehow right, it can be misleading when you look at the R56. reason for this is, that these two cars will be standing in geneva (starting this saturday) and MINI wanted to have one fully JCW equipped car – the R56, including seats, carbon here and carbon there, seats etc. and one “standard” car – which is the R55 in this case.

  • Evan

    Sounds pretty good. Although I’d have to hear it back to back with the Stage I kit to see if there’s a difference.

    The R55 with the Stage I kit is what I’d really like. With the aero kit. MINI?

  • eager2own

    Mac — and I wouldn’t have made my comment if this was the first example of it. Nothing wrong with showing off the car with JCW kit AND other available options such as the body kit. It’s just that every press release has shown the same config., and based on the reactions from readers on Motoringfile (who are probably better informed than most people out there), it is clear that many assumed body kits were not extra options . . . until they read the fine print.

  • nuvolari

    The Clubman needs an Aero kit. Badly.

  • Dylan

    Intentionally or not, I think it’s misleading of MINI to always show the factory car with the optional body kit. MINI should not be surprised if prospective customers walk into a dealership expecting the car to look like the one in all the press photos…

  • Jon

    Ok sure hope this doesn’t hit anybody at Mini to hard, but these are some of the most pathetic Mini video’s Ive seen. Would give the driving video a review of 6/10 and the other three video’s 3/10.

    If I wasn’t already involved with the brand the three other video’s would be irrelevant, there is only a couple of scenes where the JCW logo is featured and the rest of the time the silent views of the cars look like a general overview of the Mini brand not something about a high performance Mini development.

    What has me a tad unhappy is with the development of the R60 I have been concentrating on the Factory JCW to keep my enthusiasm for the brand high. While I appreciate their efforts on this car it comes a long long ways from excitement for me now. In a great many ways I feel Mini has chosen a path lately that seems rather bizarre. Sorry guys don’t mean to be a downer on this, just was hoping for something exciting from Mini.

  • These are some of the most pathetic Mini video’s Ive seen.

    Not sure what you’re expecting but…

    1 – These are the raw videos given out to news organizations to add their own voice/music track to. They’re not meant to be incredibly polished for general consumption.

    2- The last thing MINI would do would be to put their one of a kind JCW prototypes in harms way by driving them around a track at 10/10s.

    If you want to see a JCW really pushed, check out that JCW challenge race car at Silverstone we posted a few weeks back. It’s essentially the same car.

  • Jon

    Gabe I hear what your saying.

    The track video I have some tolerance for but the other three video’s are lacking light in general. The motor video is dark enough that next to nothing stands out in the video. Think with better lighting the interior and motor video they would have been much better.

    Would love to see the Clubman pushes just a little bit, heck only one tiny wheel squeak is a tad hesitant in my small world view lol.

  • rkw
    The R55 with the Stage I kit is what I’d really like.

    It’s what I want too, but the previous Q & A said there were no plans for a Clubman stage 1 kit. Makes no sense to me. It makes much more sense the other way around — a stage 1 kit and no factory JCW for the Clubman.

  • Jon

    Gabe as someone that works in advertising versus someone that works as a engineer am I completely off the mark about the lighting on the video’s. Could just be my uninformed eye heh

  • No worries- you have as much right as me to critique or praise these videos. I just want to make sure people don’t look at them as something they’re not.

  • Jon

    Guess a small part of me coming down on the quality of these video’s is just a little sour over the Factory development. While I have no doubt that it will be a screamer and properly equipped quite decent on the track. From my rather limited small world view this would be like the M3 coming out with no visual difference from the 3 series other than wheels and brakes and a badge would go over like a lead balloon. I believe that a large portion of the success of the GP was based not only on its performance but on its individuality, this is something this car completely lacks.

    I believe that this is the case with most every performance car, a portion of the design process isn’t exclusively for the owner but so the general person seeing the car identifies it as something special. At this point believe my only option is to keep my fingers crossed for something special for the 50th anniversary of the brand.

  • Charlie

    Mac, Won’t the front bumper cover, spoiler and grills from the R 56 JCW Aero Kit fit the Clubman? Isn’t the car the same as the R56 Coupe from the A Pillars forward?

    I’m interested in just the front piece, not the rocker panel skirts and rear cover.

  • Jon

    I see no reason why the front clip would not fit the R55 since it uses the exact same front end of the R56.

  • Mac


    yes, the front bumper will fit the clubman. if you want to get an idea what the r55 john cooper works sounds like, check this out:

  • The exhaust embellishers are now angled, unlike the press photos

  • Ummin that video in the Clubman Challenge safety car – the exhausts sound great! Wish I could retrofit it to my R56 MCS, although I do really enjoy the standard exhaust note when I’ve got the windows down.

  • Charlie

    @ Mac

    Thanks. Good News and Great sound

  • Jon

    Well starting to see some of the first youtube videos with these videos. Have to say that there are a lot more creative people out there than myself because some of the footage I thought was trash when mixed actually looks pretty good.

    Still doesn’t mean a little more light would have hurt 😉

  • ulrich

    Yup, it’s the 135 for me. By the time you add the body kit, suspension and 18″ wheels you are very close to a stripper 135i. Coupled with the fact that I really don’t like the look of the new Mini over my 03 MCS my mind is made up.

    RWD here I come.


  • IZZY

    These track videos were done in south africa. The question is was it done in Cape Town or Johannesburg?

    I wonder why no one spotted these cars in south africa? Not much to tell it apart from a normal cooper s JCW.

  • C4

    What about the JCW stage 1 kit for an automatic Clubman S?