White Roof Radio #229

Lovers of the long show are definitely in for a treat tonight! To get us started, Gabe has a set of Schroth Harnesses (driver and passenger side with pads), contact him if you are interested.

Gabe or db on Top Gear US? Crazier things have happened.

Then on to news of the week from Motoringfile.com. We take Winding Road to task, talk about the MINI Challenge Safety Car, Carrozzeria Castagna newest MINI creation, updated MTTS dates (these are correct), MINI USA sales are up and Gabe and the Stig drive through a stream.

Plus we talk to Agro from Sin City MINI Club and head honcho for AMVIV to give us the latest information. If you are going, click over NOW and register. There might be a few rooms left on the group rate as well. And, check back tomorrow for the White Roof Radio AMVIV Event cast that I do with Michael and Patricia. It’s more fun that should be allowed by law!

Woofcast 229:

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  • Jon

    Great show guys.

    Couple of comments from the peanut gallery. Think there is little doubt that I am quickly becoming more of a Mini critic than enthusiast these days. Hands down the Factory car is flawed in many ways in my meager view. I agree with Gabe’s comments about them really needing to add the JCW suspension and aero kit. Still I believe that even this is a step short, absolute believe that you guys hit the nail on the head with your comments about the car needing to be visually standing out. It may only be mine view also that the performance gains on this car are actually quite minimal still.

    Todd I hear what your saying about the R53 JCW dealer install but the major difference here is all that was was installing the dealer kit at the factory not a non kit form car. Read more than one Mini statements saying the JCW sub-brand was the performance arm of the Mini brand. This reads M division in my mind.

    I sit here tonight still completely let down by Mini decisions lately, it seems the brand is moving consistently in a way that I personally disbelieve is correct. The R60 has driven a nail into my Mini enthusiasm and the Factory car pretty much finished the job. Would love to see Mini prove me wrong but I see the soul of the brand quickly diminishing. Sorry for being such a downer guys.

  • i am sad to say that i am feeling you 100 percent jon. i am having a rough time feeling the brand loyalty and any real connection to MINI at all these days as someone who is now clinging to their 2005 cooper s. its all starting to feel very much like a major label and lot less indie rock band to me…

    sad to say i think your post summed up my feelings perfectly.

  • BSUCardinalfan

    I’d just like to add that the comments that you can add the parts later totally misses the point.

    If I buy the factory car, I have to pay for the bumpers and suspension that is already on it. Then to make the car what it should already by, I have to buy ANOTHER suspension and ANOTHER set of bumpers, PLUS pay to have them painted/installed.

    The additional cost of adding the upgraded components at the factory would be minimal, especially compared to the cost of buying ADDITIONAL parts and then paying another labor charge to put them on. In all honesty, the JCW suspension shouldn’t be much more than a $100 upcharge over the standard if done at the factory (it isn’t like they are replacing a standard suspension with coil-overs) and the aero kit shouldn’t be much more than that.

    I feel that this is more of a money grab for MINI vs. just a bad decision.