MINI Cooper Weiner Mobile

We all know the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile, right? A giant motor-home shaped like a hot dog in a bun, painted the colors of mustard and ketchup.

Well, someone over there thought it would be neat-o to give that same treatment to a MINI Cooper S. Same bubble top, same mustard and ketchup paint scheme, but this time, with chrome S-Lites. Bonus, we even have video of it from Good Morning America!


Link for the video is below. Be warned that ABC doesn’t let you stop or pause the commercials.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

[ Road Trippin’ the MINI ] Good Morning American via
  • c4

    Nice choice, a LY R53 S. I wonder if they have the same Oscar Meyer body kit for the R56?

  • TulsaMINI

    Does it come with the Works? haha I crack myself up.

  • Exactly the type of **it I dislike about owning a mini. Mini = joke? Anyways, I love my mini…weird. D

  • Cap’n Bill

    Contrasting bun top in keeping with mini-tradition is very nice!! My choice would be pepper white with black bun. Hope they plug this one into the MINI configurator real soon.

  • M. Dillon

    …look everyone. It’s the Michael Alan “Weiner-moblie”!

    (Michael Savage’s real name,for those who don’t get it,lol…)

  • Paul

    will the chili pack be an available option?

  • Vanwall

    The Cocktail Weiner-Mobile.

  • Vanwall

    Actually, it looks like you could pick it up and use it as a Weiner Whistle. I wonder if the interior has little winged hot dogs with buns and weiner-shaped controls like some of Big Wieners. First person that starts humming a certain tune, I’ma slap ’em silly.

  • Jack07734

    OHHHHHHHHHH….I Wish I had a MINI Cooper Wiener…

  • GregW

    URGENT Where can you get those chrome wheels from – anyone know?

  • Jimskater

    Greg, I can just see you hot dogging around in chrome s-lites.

    check with your dealer–most of ’em can get them for you. Or go to an aftermarket wheel (not a tire) shop, they should be able to get a “spare” set chromed.

  • One of my buddies from college spent a summer as a “hot-dogger” driving a regular Weinermobile as part of a marketing internship with Oscar Meyer.

    He said it was a lot of fun, but I would have to think driving a MINI would have made it a little more enjoyable.

  • Rob Livesey

    Poor thing. Where’s the dignity?

  • gokartride

    Sheesh…the lengths some people will go to for better windshield glass.

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  • It would be sooooo cool if they would bring it to MINIs on the Dragon this year!! April 30 – May 4th, 2008 Here’s the link:

  • emtrey

    and people say Ferraris and Porsches are phallic symbols.

  • Paul

    sure its phallic but somehow I don’t see anyone bragging that they have a MINI weiner.

  • Vanwall

    Yeah, the Hotdoggers call the full-size ones the Big Dogs, so MINI-Dog wouldn’t be off base, but I figure it’ll be Little Dog. Hopefully not the Vienna Sausage. I can’t say it would look as…impressive?.. as a Big Dog when entering the Lincoln Tunnel, tho. 😉

  • That Wienermobile is fast! I saw it on the highway, but I couldn’t Ketchup! 🙂

  • Oh dear!

  • Eric

    Weiner Mobile – ugly-S from 0 to 6.7sec I’ll never look at my MINI the same way again. 🙂

    So if someone is tailgating you, can you shoot wads of yellow mustard at them?

  • Aussom

    Goes to show how versatile the MINI is. I recently saw what looked like a Cooper S convertible changed to accommodate a large Red Bull can mounted on the back – marketed towards Uni students! The colour scheme was nice – in quartered dark metallic blue an silver. Not sure of the wind drag factor though…

  • Oh calm down you naysayers. Nothing wrong with having a little fun…

  • Dr. Guano

    Franky, I relish the thought of owning such a work of art equipped with the John Cooper Wurst treatment. Perhaps Vienna Beef might want a Chicago style version in Sport Pepper White. As the Bhuddist said to the hot dog vendor, “Make me one with everything”.