2 different lists hit our radar this week. First was the ’07 list from Kelly Blue Book, who choose the R56 MINI Cooper.

>Even though the redesigned 2007 MINI Cooper is both larger and more powerful than its predecessor, highway fuel economy has actually increased from 35 to 40 mpg. Combined with a newly improved highway ride, the latest MINI Cooper makes a pleasant companion on straight stretches, in twisty canyons and at thieving gas pumps.

Over at CNN Money, they revised the list for ’08 and choose the MINI Cooper Clubman.

>The standard-length Mini Cooper made Kelley Blue Book’s list last year. But while the Mini has always been fun to drive, and it’s easy on gas, it lacked a place to put more than a night’s worth of luggage.

>The Clubman answers that need with about 8 inches of extra storage space behind the back seats, accessed through a barn-door style tailgate.

I can tell you that a MINI Cooper (R50) is a great road trip car. I can only imagine the Clubman being equally good, if not slightly better.

Thanks everyone for sending this in!

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