JCW Challenge Car details

JCW Challenge MINI JCW Challenge MINI

While at MINI Takes the States in Boston, I had the opportunity to crawl in, on and around the JCW Challenge Race Car with camera in hand. While I was taking photos, I also got some great information.

Mechanically, this is a Factory JCW MINI. The engine, transmission and clutch are from the Factory car you’ll be able to buy later this month. The brakes are the same 4 piston brakes of the JCW car. The wheels are OEM JCW wheels that you will be able to order with your Factory JCW car.

Once this car is built, it’s sent out “body in white” for it to become a race car. The interior is completely stripped except parts of the dash and the emergency brake boot (which is odd) and all of the safety equipment is installed. One feature that I wasn’t familiar with is the air jacks. There is a quick-release air jack in the boot where you plug in an air hose and the entire car raises. A nice feature for a race car to be sure.

When and if this car comes to the United States, it won’t be cheap. With current exchange rates, US$90,000 isn’t out of the question. And, before you start doubting whether or not it will come to the States, everyone I talked to from MINIUSA is trying very hard to not only bring this car over, but also have a reason for it to be here.

Still have to wonder how much interest there would be in this car. $90K is a lot of money. Couldn’t this also be done with a Factory JCW MINI for quite a bit less? Or would it be worth it to you to have a turn-key racer right from the factory?

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