And the hits just keep on coming. This time from, starting with a word on the torque steer.

>That’s okay when you’re on a track that you can learn every nuance and undulation of. But it’s not okay on a public road full of surprises.

>Then you could get into trouble. Because the car torque steers and tramlines like an old Mk II Golf 16v tweaked to 200bhp. Any variation in surface will have it shifting and squirming all over the place. So best leave it in Sport (if you want) and just switch first stage DSC off.

Even with all of the negatives the reviewers are finding with this MINI, here’s the thing to remember.

>The main thing about this car is there’s no need to go to a WRX STI, or an EVO or a Caterham, or an Elise or a Boxster or a 350Z to get some hair-raising fun.

>You can now do it in a MINI.

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