Most of us around the MF offices are pretty big fans of Top Gear. We thought it was especially nice when BBC America decided to start sharing the goodness that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May dish out on a weekly basis. Eventhough they aren’t showing the current season, we still have ways to keep current, and with good reason, especially this week. Check out the video after the jump!

To end the current season, in typical Top Gear fashion, they have a series of challenges. This time, the Top Gear team actually has to compete against someone other than themselves. Sabine Schmitz, Tim Shrick and some guy in a suit take each other on in classic form.

One of the challenges pits 2 R56s against each other. Jezza in 1, Sabine in the other on an obstacle course and in a wheel-to-wheel race. It is pretty fantastic to watch. And no spoilers here, but fans of the show can probably imagine the outcome.