JCW Brake Retrofit Part List

For all those who want the look and stopping power of the new four piston JCW brakes on their R55 or R56, we’ve got what you’ve been looking for. Below is the entire parts list for both the front and rear brakes including installation diagrams (just click to enlarge all images).

Front parts list

Rear parts list

  • Ian F

    Maybe a stupid question… but are these parts backwards-compatible to the R50/53?

  • Ben-Ja-Min

    Yes they are. Does MotoringFile have the list of wheels that will fit without spacers? I’m thinking of fitting these to my R56 but just the front calipers and disks. Just wondering what i will need altogether.

  • mike

    Anyone get any pricing for this setup? Also, anyone know if the pads ‘drop’ in like Willwoods or do they have the same process for switching?

  • Ben-Ja-Min

    PS i think you have the parts details round the wrong way!

  • minim8o

    @ Ben-Ja-Min…. This from the John Cooper Works Accessories bulletin circulating on NAM.

    Please note: The limitation in wheels is not only caused by the larger diameter of the brake discs, the new brake caliper is also wider, which requires a specific design of the wheel spokes to allow for enough clearance. Please do not install any other wheels other than the ones shown in the enclosed listing. These are the only approved wheel styles by MINI for these vehicles.

    The list… R97 Flame Spoke R104 Crown Spoke R108 Multi Spoke R112 Cross Spoke Challenge R113 JCW Cross Spoke

  • nuvolari

    So what is different about the JCW rears aside from pads? Looks like you included a complete listing of the entire standard rear brake assembly.

    Also, R50/53 compatibility is a critical oversight.

    I’m curious about the price of the JCW calipers versus the Wildwood DP6.

    NEW: The R56 DynaPro 6 Caliper kit. $659 Add some performance and appearance to stock R56 wheels. The new DP6 caliper will enhance pedal feel and response as well as shave upwards of 24lbs off the front of your car! This new caliper kit is intended to replace the oem iron slider caliper yet retain oem (or aftermarket replacement) rotors on both the new car as well as older cars running the JCW front rotors. The DP6 offers a very low profile and will clear oem wheels fitting the current brake set up. Clean and effective performance gains without the need for costly wheel upgrades as well. *Note; requires clearance grinding of spindle ears.

    * Wilwood DynaPro Six calipers
    * TCE steel brackets
    * BP10 pads
    * TCE spec stainless steel hose kit
    * All required hardware
    * Wilwood 570 Brake fluid (2)
    * TCE bleeder bottle
    * Optional RED powder coat finish- ADD $125

    I’m assuming the JCW calipers will be nearly twice the cost of these.

  • nuvolari

    Ooh – not sure what happened with the formatting there – sorry.

  • Interesting that the factory JCW rotors are not slotted/drilled (probably a good thing from a reliability/longevity point).

  • Craig
    So what is different about the JCW rears aside from pads? Looks like you included a complete listing of the entire standard rear brake assembly.

    The rear brakes on the JCW are 11.0″ and the stock size on the Cooper S is 10.2″. Incidentally the rear brakes on the JCW are the same diameter as the FRONT brakes on the Cooper. However they are not ventilated on the rear of the JCW.

  • nuvolari

    Thanks, Craig. Sounds like overkill on the JCW rears to me.

  • mlg2ca

    Looks nice ! I wonder if these will ever be offered as a JCW upgrade kit, instead of ordering the individual parts. It would also be nice if they had a wheel clearance diagram to figure out what aftermarket wheels would also work.

  • mlg2ca

    Cross drilled rotors ? Not good…

  • rkw
    Cross drilled rotors ? Not good…

    The brakes fitted on the factory JCW are neither drilled nor slotted. It is very likely that they substituted a drawing of another part and the drawing is not accurate (happens frequently in the parts catalog). Compare the drawing with this of another JCW accessory: Click Here

  • dr
    Cross drilled rotors ? Not good…

    good for performance, not reliability.

    Any factory performance parts are going to be designed for increased performance but not sacrifice reliability. If you enjoy repairing your car, there are plenty of aftermarket products that achieve ultimate performance.

    A clasic example of this is cromoly rods, used commonly in race cars and touted as superior in performance to plain forged rods. They are have twice as much strength, but thier fatigue life is much much shorter. Using “race” parts on the street usually results in more repairs.

    When you buy JCW you are paying for the engineering of those parts to offer more performance but last just as long as stock.

  • nuvolari

    25k on my cross-drilled JCW rotors including several track days and no issues.

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