Official MINI Steering Stop DIY

If you have 18″ OEM MINI wheels on your car put on by the dealer, odds are you have the steering stop installed on your car. The reason? Apparently under extreme circumstances MINI found that the tires with this set up will rub the inner fenders slightly. Their solution? To restrict the steering angle enough to prevent it from happening. The downside? Increased turning radius.

However it’s worth noting that many owners without the steering stop and the 18″ OEM set-up do not experience any rubbing whatsoever. So that begs the question, why in the world would anyone want to install this on their car? We’re not entirely sure. So consider this as much as a installation guide as it is a un-installation guide for those who might have this kit on their car and either have switched to a different 17″ or 18″ set-up or simply want more turning radius.

Steering Stop | Official MINI PDF

  • Morgan Moore

    Thanks for posting, but wouldn’t the downside be “increased” turning radius?



  • Kevin

    Increased turning radius would mean instead of doing one big giant complete turn to go the other direction, you might have to turn, stop, put in reverse, straighten out and then continue.

    I had GP rims put on my 07 MCS and used to be able to turn right around in the middle of the street. Now, I have to turn, stop, reverse then go …

  • greg

    Had 18″s on my R56. Don’t recall any issues (except for the cost of the 18″s, ouch!).

  • Rocketboy

    Morgan.. Shhh, people around here get touchy if you point out things.

  • Scott

    Unless your running an autocross course how many of us are going to use the full turning radius under “extreme circumstances” with our 18″ rims? Not at these prices. I have after market without the stop and I can still turn in the width of the street without an issue. Go for the look you won’t regret it!

  • mlg2ca

    Am I missing something here ? The outside diameter of the tires, wether 17 or 18 inch should be the same (lower sidewall profile on the 18 in tire). Therefore, there should technically be no difference…

  • mlg2ca

    Forget my last comment… I just realized the difference: tire is same diameter, but it has to be wider, hence the risk of rubbing in the fender.

  • Ryephile

    205/40-18 vs. 205/45-17. No wider, and a tenth of an inch taller. Considering the Chrysler-esque amount of wheel gap the R56 has combined with only 2″ of compression travel and you have a recipe for…um…no tire rubbing whatsoever.

  • I had to have these installed when I got the R105’s put on my MINI and really don’t like it. I have since gone back to 17″ and installed the 18″ on the wife’s MINI without the stops and she has had no issues. We are both lowered and she has made full turns with no rubbing. I hate having those things on.

    My Honda Element has a better turning radius compared to my MINI now!

  • Kosta

    Kevin, use handbrake 😉

  • greg

    Man those are cool wheels btw.

  • -=gRaY rAvEn=-

    Same recommendation for R53’s. I have 205/40/18 tires on 18 GP rims, and JCW Suspension which drops the car 1/2 inch under stock – never been an issue.

    Also when I purchased these tires at tire rack I received a courtesy call that a red flag came up on their computer red flagging this application for my car…I was glad to accept that call, but also glad I went ahead with the purchase..these Pirelli PZERO NERO tires are sweet.