MINI USA Tail Pipe Service Action

Sent in by MF Reader James, it’s the actual letter he received regarding the service action MINI USA will perform to shorten the exhaust pipe on the R56.

MINI division’s quality monitoring has learned that some Cooper S owners have contacted the centrally-located tailpipe extension at the back of their vehicles, while hot, with their uncovered legs.

To address this issue, MINI has decided to conduct a service action on these vehicles and we have shortened the tailpipe extension to help reduce the chances of inadvertant contact with the leg

If you have an R56 Cooper S, keep an eye on your mailbox for the same letter or head to your dealer and have this tended too. Click the image for a full size scan.


    OMG! Why not just wrap the car in a baby blanket?!

  • greg

    I received my CYA letter today. It’s not free for MINI to do this. The expense just gets passed down to new buyers with the next price increase. Thanks to the whiners who are too near sighted to see pipes sticking out the back of the car before they bought it.

    Pathetic. Our country of victims.


    This service action from Mini DOES NOT affect all R56 cooper s.

    model chasis range coopers TL83069-TL92998 TL80009-TT92993

    COOPER S (AUTO) TV30006-TV38275 TF96007-TF96340 If your MINIS vin # range is between the above you do not need to wait for a letter, just take your car to your local dealer like I did. I didnt even get to finish my cup of coffee and the guys at MINI of Mountain View had it done and on my way.

  • Chad

    The expense of a recall or class action lawsuit would also be passed onto future buyers. MINI weighed the costs, I’m sure.

  • Ken

    So how much are they going to shorten it? Does the same apply to the JCW Works MINIs?

  • robble

    they probably just loosen one screw and push the tips on further.

  • lavardera

    I’m going to leave mine where they are. In fact I’m adding rotating knives to mine.

  • C4

    The lawyers are all over this one.

  • Brad

    Just want to say that it can be an issue on any MCS, I have an ’03 and my wife got a nasty burn on her leg a few years ago taking a package out of the back. You only make that mistake once, but no one likes 2nd degree burns.

  • GregW

    Recall campaign costs are not “passed down to new buyers with the next price increase” as quoted in above post. Recalls of faulty components are usually passed back to the component manufacturers by way of Quality Control. BMW are very generous with support of out of warranty vehicles that need recall campaigns performed. The letter signatory, Alan Harris, is a top bloke, ex BMW GB and Australia.

  • greg

    Lavardera. That is the funniest freakin’ thing I have ever heard. I’m almost crying!

  • Wayne D.

    I’m due for service in 3500 miles anyway, and they’ll do it for you if you want it or not. Got the letter today.

    I figure as long as I get to keep the exhaust tips that I paid for, I’m happy.

  • mike c.

    I’ve got a R56 MINI and checked the tailpipe and mine doesn’t seem to stick out far enough to be a problem. I’m inclined to believe it’s only some cars that have this issue.

  • mike

    Wayne, do you know for sure if they will do it even if you don’t want it done? I don’t want to change the way mine looks.

    Does anyone have pictures of it before and after?


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