Student Attempts to Recreate Italian Job

Surely some of you have had this idea. You’ve seen the Italian Job. You own a MINI. Why not? A TOFF student tried, drunkenly, and failed.

But the posh prat came a cropper in the silver vehicle, given to him the day before by his rich parents.

It piled into the steps of his digs at 30mph, causing the radiator to blow up, the two front tyres to burst and both airbags to explode.

Six security staff, two police cars and a helicopter were scrambled to arrest the 18-year-old for drink-driving at 1am. A second student escaped from the car at Bristol University’s Wills Hall.

Before the crash, there was more attempts at stunt driving.

Earlier the pair roared around the halls at up to 40mph, shrieking with laughter in a 20-minute rampage over pavements and lawns. They woke other students who were furious.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

[ The Italian yob: A Mini disaster ]
  • C4

    Fools and their money.

  • Rocketboy

    That’s why if you can’t afford to buy a new car, nobody should buy one for you.

  • Mk1

    More like fools and their foolish parent’s money. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Went to College with a kid like that – parents with money to burn, and not a brain in his head. Wrecked 3 cars his first year, and parents paid off several local business owners to drop damage and vandalism charges. One dumb (less than sober) prank went too far his second year, and someone got badly hurt. Even his parents money couldn’t prevent him from being a guest of the State for the next 15 years. Last I heard, he was out, with a job driving town around collecting off-the-reservation shopping carts for a supermarket chain.

  • rs

    a factory JCW would have made it.

  • Well of course it didn’t work..

    The car was silver instead of red, white or blue.

  • bluzeke

    If only he’d taken Phil Wicks’ Driving Academy! 😉

  • Thomas

    If only this was written in American.

  • MillieTheMini

    I’m not sure abut the rest of you, but I’m pretty certain that’s not a ‘brand new Mini’ that was wrecked, as reported in the news – the photos of the actual Mini that was damaged in this incident is definitely a R50 model, from the bumper design it’s pre ’05 facelift model. Maybe a Mini Cherished (used Mini) purchase?

  • BartMack

    strange… it always worked for me lol.

  • Ian, Lancaster, England

    The Mini in the photo has a 51 registration plate, in other words it was first registered after September 2001 and before March 2002. Hope that helps!

  • KipperFillets

    This was reported in the Sun, so I’d take much of it with a pinch of salt. It’s probably factually correct, except for the steps, the Mini, the university or the posh yob. Or the accident.

  • The key is not to hit the steps straight on! Next Time try approaching at an angle. Oh, and don’t forget the hidden ramp made for the movie scene. LOL