UK Configurator Updated

It’s a lazy Sunday. Snow, ice or rain keeping you indoors? Worry not friends because the UK MINI site has updated it’s configurator to include the R57!

Thanks to MF reader rkw for giving us the heads up!

  • Brian

    Why UK and no US, any dates for us???

  • DB

    The US configurator usually doesn’t update until they are ready to build and ship the cars to the US. I would expect to see it some time mid to late January, possibly early February.

    It was the same for the R56 and The Clubman.

  • Brian

    Thanks db as I looked back in the clubman archivedi thought I saw the configurator in nov of last year

  • jimskater

    Did the UK configurator crash anyone else’s browser?

    I’m on Firefox 3.04 & boom, down it went.

  • DB

    It was slow for me, but seemed to work ok the other day.