It was inevitable. The Fiat 500 is likely coming to the US via a Chrysler dealer near you. While the 2010 year was mentioned more than once from Fiat themselves over the last year, it would now seem that that timeframe is actually doable based on the Fiat/Chrysler merger announced just days ago.

The first model to arrive reportedly will be a 100hp version with special US specific bumpers meant to withstand US low-speed impact rules followed surely by the Abarth models which range from 135bhp to 160bhp with dealer installed upgrades

While the 500 may not be the drivers car that the MINI is, it undoubtedly has the potential to take some sales away from the MINI brand in the US.

+ Scoop: Fiat 500 May Be On Way to U.S. By 2010 / Motor Trend