Jerry Bradburys MINI on the track

(This special MINI only track-day will be located in Buttonwill Raceway in California USA) You’ve done some track days in your Mini Cooper and you want to do more. Maybe
you’re at a plateau in your development. Maybe you want to go faster but just
don’t know how. Spend two days with US Touring Car Championship Professional
Mini Cooper drivers Bob and Jerry and break on through to the other side.

Here’s a unique opportunity to receive 2 days of personalized coaching from Bob
Scheer and Jerry Bradbury as part of the University of VARA at Buttonwillow Raceway on the weekend of February 7-8 for a very reasonable cost.

Novice: If you’ve never been on the track before, come and hang out with the other Mini drivers and receive instruction from the VARA Team. Cost for two
days: $275. Unlimited enrollment.

Intermediate: You’ve done some track days and want to know how to go faster safely. Spend two sessions each day with Bob and Jerry in the right seat and
the rest practicing under their eyes and you’ll learn the answer. Cost for two
days: $375. Limited enrollment.

Expert: You have many track days under your belt and are ready for some advanced coaching to learn how to shave more seconds off your lap times. Cost
for two days: $375. Limited enrollment.

Personal coaching by Bob and Jerry will be limited to 8 drivers in order to
give everyone quality time, so intermediate and expert drivers should sign up

About Bob (Canyon Mini):

Bob Scheer’s love for motorsports started at the age of 14, when he joined the
pit crew for Pieper Racing in 1974. Since then, love has turned into obsession
as he strives to hone his skills at every opportunity.
His extensive experience over a broad range of road courses has given him the
ability to adapt to any racing situation quickly. This ability to quickly learn
the nuances of a new course and find the weaknesses and strengths of his
opponents gives him the edge he’s needed to dominate early in the race, and be
able to hold on to his advantage to the checkered flag.

Though most of his experience is with high-horsepower rear-wheel-drive vintage
American muscle with the Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA), Bob has proven
his immense skill set and adaptability by capturing 2nd in qualifying, then
climbing the podium on his first full race weekend in the USTCC MINI Cooper S
at Thunderhill Raceway.

Speed, passion, and most importantly, the ability to adapt to the ever-changing
conditions of wheel-to-wheel racing are what has brought Bob Scheer to the level
of driving skill required for success amongst intense competition.

Bob’s Championship Wins

– 1st Place 1996 – Vintage Auto Racing Association A-Sedan Championship
– 1st Place 2000 – Vintage Auto Racing Association A-Sedan Championship
– 1st Place 2003 – Willow Springs Kart Club KT-100 Heavy Championship
– 1st Place 2004 – Redline MINI Challenge

About Jerry (Siddhartha):

SCCA and NASA Certified Driving Instructor, 2008 US Touring Car Championship
Rookie of the Year and #3 overall finish for the season in his #37 JCW Mini
Cooper S, Jerry has been racing motorcycles and cars since he was 14. With the
purchase of his first JCW Mini in 2003, his concentration has been on making
them go fast at the track, coming up through the ranks of the National Auto
Sport Association through Novice to Intermediate to Expert to Instructor to
Time Trials to door-to-door racing with USTCC.

To sign up:

1. Must have a Snell rated M2005 or SA2005 helmet
2. Must have a Mini
3. Send a PayPal payment to for your reserved slot
4. You will receive an information packet upon payment

We need 8 signups to make this go. If we don’t get 8, we’ll refund everyone’s money and try again later with more notice.