MINI Releases JCW Tuning & Aero Kit for the Convertible & Clubman

MINI will be offering a range of new JCW accessories throughout the year. First up will be a couple new sets of black 18″ JCW wheels. But the big news comes later in the year when MINI finally offers two accessories long sought by Clubman owners.

First up will be the addition of the JCW aero kit to the Clubman’s accessory list. So Clubman owners rejoice – your car can now have the same aggressive look and power bump as the Coupe. We’ve heard that this should be available sometime this spring. What’s unclear is whether R55 owners will have the new option of painted arches that R56 owners now have.

Then later in the year the Clubman will be getting some additional JCW love in the form of the dealer/port installed tuning kit. The kit will feature the same 192bhp as the Coupe’s kit and the same price tag. You can read our review of the kit for the R56 coupe here.

Look for the later option to make it’s way to the R57 Convertible in the second half of the year. The main hold-up on the tuning kit will be the addition of a slightly redesigned exhaust needed wrap around the Convertible’s extra bracing.

  • Interesting. The configurator allowed me to add the Tuning Kit, strut, and brakes to the R57 and I ordered it that way. The JCW suspension is not on the configurator. I do see these are missing from the clubman configurator.

  • Charlie

    Gabe, When will photos of the JCW Aero Kit for the Clubman be available/released ?

  • dc11r

    if the clubman owners had any sense of style, they wouldn’t want the painted arches.

  • hardingsan

    x2 on the photos of the kit. do the side skirts look the the R56 JCW?

  • dc11r

    to be honest, i myself am not TOO much of a mini enthusiast since im only a prospective buyer (for the past 5 years)… i cant tell the difference between the new aero kit and the old… or were those not pics of the new one 2 posts ago?

    i mean, the only thing i can maybe pick out if those pics were of the new kit, are the subtle bulges around the fogs?

  • i mean, the only thing i can maybe pick out if those pics were of the new kit, are the subtle bulges around the fogs?

    That’s the only difference (along with the painted arches are now optional as well). But the R55 has never had the JCW aero kit offered. Just the factory aero kit.

  • Gabe, can you comment on my first comment. Did my MA tell me wrong??

  • @Brian Watson: the jcw suspension hasn’t been developed for he r55 or r57 and likely will never be.

  • Will the dealer engine kit be available for auto transmissions on the R55?

  • Interesting MINIUSA needs to get the web straight. It lists teh JCW Suspension and JCW brakes as dealer installed options. It lists the Tuning kit, brakes and brace in the configurator. No one my MA, MINI (I called them) know anything about the discrepancy. Very frustrating when trying to order my R57

  • MikeJCW

    Gabe, do you know when the Clubman JCW tuning kit will be launched (what month)? Thanks!

  • Fantastic stories, amazing insights and some great concepts on tuning for the “serious” MINI enthusiast. Now go track down Paddy Hopkirk guys… LOL