MSN Autos has named the MINI the best new model in terms of value retention. It’s an incredible feat considering the times but according to MSN the MINI retains 67% of it’s value after three years of ownership. Obviously there are some pretty obvious reasons for high resale vs low:

>If a car is in low supply and high demand, it will probably retain value, and vice versa. “For example, the high fleet penetration of the Ford Taurus has created a huge supply relative to its demand, driving its price down,” says Fernando Ubeda, manager of custom modeling and analytics for ALG. Generally, cars that depreciate fastest are sold in large numbers at big discounts to rental-car or corporate fleets, like the aforementioned Taurus. Those flood the used-car market when the fleets replace their vehicles.

>Another factor that determines value is design. “Cars with a current, bold look, such as the MINI Cooper, are in demand and thus worth more,” Ubeda says.

+ Best & Worst Depreciating Vehicles / MSN