Over the past couple of years we’ve found some of the most popular stories on MF have been our Ask Stracco features. They were a rare opportunity to ask questions and get answers from MINI USA’s product manager directly. You could get answers to questions about current products as well as get a few hints and upcoming options and accessories. While Mr. Stracco may be gone, the feature will live on now that the MINI USA Product Manager hat has been passed to Vincent Kung. Vinnie has graciously extended an exclusive invitation to MotoringFile readers to grill ask him anything and everything under the sun about the MINI.

However due to both his and our time constraints we’re limiting the number of questions to 10 and only 10. So for starters that means if you want your question answered you’ll have to submit it in the comment section below. Then we at MF will pick what we feel are the 10 best questions and hand them off to Vinnie.

Look for answers in about a week’s time. Now, what happens if you don’t get your questions pick you ask? Well that’s the best part. This is the first of many Ask Vinnie features will be launching on MF throughout the year. So keep your eye on MF and you’ll get many more chances over the coming year.

We’ll close comments on this post this Wednesday at 12pm EST (5am GMT Thursday) so make sure to get your questions in asap.

And remember to keep these questions focused on products – not a specific regarding your car.

Comments are now closed. We’ll pick 10 questions from what is below and have answers next week!