First Pre-Production MINI with BMW 2.0L Diesel Engine Built at Oxford Plant

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Exclusive: Sources at the Oxford Plant have confirmed that the first MINI (in this case a R55 Clubman) went down the line with a BMW 2.0L diesel installed in the engine bay yesterday. As we reported earlier this month BMW is set to introduce the new line-up of BMW derived diesel engines for 2011. While specs are still hazy, we expect around 150bhp and loads more torque. In fact it doesn’t take much to realize that this new powerplant will be easily as par with the Cooper S 1.6L petrol unit and could in fact be marketed as a Cooper S D or even a JCW D. But the key number to remember here is that this engine (in 200+ bhp 123d BMW format) gets over 45 mpg combined in UK MPG numbers.

Now for those in the US desperately waiting for diesel availability, we don’t have specific news for you. However we can say that plan for a US diesel have been both cancelled and reinstated in the last few months and we can’t help but think this ultra efficient (and powerful) BMW sourced diesel powerplant has something to do with it. As always check back daily as more information is coming as fast as we can post it.

  • Blainestang

    And you thought the MINI had torque steer problems, now! haha

    J/K… A 2.0L ~200hp/~300ft*lb JCW-D would be very cool.

  • hank chinaski

    a prelude to diesel success stateside, likely.

    if badged a BMW engine,- are BMW dealers to service MINIs?

  • hank chinaski

    hey– fab scoop, guys!

    think a 300ft*lbs version puts AWD back on the table?

  • Michael Berliner

    Cool! Neat!

  • Michael

    Cool, Neat, Beautiful, Elegant.

  • Bernie

    If they can fit a 2L diesel in a Mini, it would nice to see a 1.8 or 2L gas engine for the S.

  • David

    If they would send this to the US I would be putting my order in today!

  • GregW

    Why? is this the engine for the Crossover? How does it cope with FWD fitment or was the MINI rear-wheel-drive?


    Maybe it’s mine. My new clubman was on the line yesterday.

  • nickminir56

    2.0L Turbo Diesel + Good LSD + Mini = Flying.

  • bee1000

    Are you sure about the MPG? The UK has bigger gallons than we do. (I always have to remember that when reading Top Gear.)

  • zm

    can you make a diesel drive as sporty around town? serious question…

  • zm

    and, is this diesel clean enough w/o the expensive urea catalysts?

  • Jonty

    this story was scooped in the uk back in november 2008 on post 24

    remapped mini diesel with 244bhp and 360lbsft yes please

  • zm

    lastly, the big question is what’s the mark-up? traditionally, any fuel cost savings from diesel has been a wash b/c of higher initial vehicle cost.

  • Miniadventures

    Mate it to the getrag AWD system and we would have a showstopper!

  • Miniadventures

    Nonetheless where do I preorder??????????

  • alpinamike

    I would like the engine as a display for my collection, of course mounted to a engine rack.

  • glangford

    I would rather have the 123d hands down.

  • Axel

    WOOHOO!!! There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel, yet? Count me in seems like Jetta TDI will be on hold till the REAL news comes out!!!!

  • Pflashinaz

    This would be the next natural step for the MINI, especially if it has Compound turbos on it!

  • I would be one of the first to put our order in for something like this!

  • zm

    not sure why everyone is so pumped about this, unless you putt around town. i don’t see how this diesel will have the pick up & response on the backroads, the dragon, etc.

    it’s one thing to stick a diesel in a bimmer, it’s another to put it in a MINI if it sucks some of the sportiness out of it. i would love someone to prove me wrong, though.

  • Fred

    45 mpg, high torque, 150 hp: sounds great! Waiting for the other shoe to drop — price? EPA? Maybe it’s my next Clubman : )

  • Chris B.

    With the hybrid hoop-lah still spinning here stateside this would be a great way to smash the party. An fun and attainable sporting diesel. Wow,I think that’s the car I’ve been dreaming of all my life?

  • Graham Robson

    Before you dismiss a diesel-engined car, I suggest you drive one.

    i) I own a BMW 123d SE Coupe ii) My car is returning 45mpg + (that’s British Imperial Gallons) iii) The 123d SE has twin turbos, more than 200bhp, and VERY little lag.

  • zm

    i hear you, graham–the tech is promising.

    what i really want to hear, though, is someone that’s tracked one of these motors in a mini (impossible, i know).

    the few bits if info i can dig up about the motor 1-series’ suggests that the torque can be sudden & too much on the track. stick that on a fwd mini, and you’ve got a real problem.

    bmw knows all this, though, and i’m sure they’re working to sort the details. my point is it takes a lot less to make a diesel successful in a 1-series than in a MINI.

  • DR61

    Bring it to the US! I would trade my beloved R53 for this. It would be a nice complement to our newly purchased VW Sportwagen TDI (which is getting 35 city/45 highway mpg, and is fun to drive).

  • Axel

    DR61 my deal with the Jetta did not go through I have to wait another year for my Bankruptcy to go thru, Ill wait for either one Jetta TDi or better yet this new Mini with the 2L engine cant wait to kick some arse in Puerto Rico Once i buy one these pocket rockets!!!

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  • Boro Boy

    Any further news on this, Gabe? If MINI do go for the ‘Cooper SD’ option, I expect they will want to design the car such that it is distinguishable from it’s petrol counterpart (in a similar way as the Golf GTD and GTI). If they do, I hope they skip the fake bonnet scoop and perhaps go for twin exhaust outlets which are offset rather than centralised.

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