Tail of the Dragon Video: The Way Down

In honor of MINIs on the Tail of the Dragon taking place this week we thought we’d pull out a video we created a few years ago of our trip from Chicago. It gives you a small window into our 10 hour drive that day – including a shortened version of the ‘Dragon Night Run’ posted last year.

And yes, it’s also sped up just a bit… enjoy.

  • joe

    nah i want a full length version lol. awsome video. soundtrack taken from goodfellas. whenever i hear that song i think of meatballs and helicopters. the night driving gets me sick though lol.

  • GregW

    Nice to ride Lake Shore Drive again – what is the speed limit? 50 mph? Did this route go down through Naperville?

  • @GregW: no Lake Shore just goes through Chicago and then into Indiana by way of the Skyway toll bridge.